Big Dreams, Little Bank Account — The Parker J Cole Show **REBROADCAST**

Parker J Cole BannerMy dreams for PJC Media is that it will grow to be a major force for Christian talk and living. I hope to rival the big networks of the country and the world. I pray it grows to have major influences all over the globe and that people’s voices can be heard. I envision TV shows, movie titles, radio stations, and other media littered across the world. It’s my big dream.

But the wallet…last time I checked, there was nothing but lint and two pennies.

Yet, the dream God has given me is there. What’s your big dream? Should you let your wallet size determine how successful your big dreams are? Many dreamers give up hope every day because they don’t have the funds to make it happen. Yet, if your dream is big and God is the one who planted, then it can come true.

For us dreamers, join me and author Beatrice Johnson as we give you inspiration, practical advice, and hope to let your dreams become reality at 2 pm Eastern time. You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, download Stitcher on your mobile device. Follow us on iTunes. Or, click on the link here:


Tonight on the Write Stuff — Forged in Rage by Sean E Young

forgedFor generations, the copper scroll has remained buried, concealing the treasure it protects and the prophecy it contains. Now that secret is about to be unleashed. In the right hands, the scroll could bring about Israel’s freedom from Roman occupation, but used improperly, it could destroy her.
Barabbas, a warrior zealot and sworn protector of the scroll, has vowed to overthrow his Roman oppressors. He has raged against an empire and lashed out at its military might. But his greatest enemy remains the pain within.
His quest for vengeance and Roman blood, his love for a peace loving woman, and his commitment to the mysterious scroll pull him in vastly different directions.Death and betrayal loom around every corner as Barabbas searches for a truth that he has yet to fully understand-the force that drives him forward and ultimately requests the ultimate sacrifice to be made by a man.
Listen in to the conversation with author Sean E Young as we discuss his book! You can listen in at 646-668-8485. Or, download Sticher on your mobile device. Follow us iTunes. Or, click on the link here:

4187cXJbOoL._UX250_Sean Young blends his life-long love of novels with a strong Christian world-view to produce gripping thrillers anchored in a Biblical core. A thirst for adventure, and deep personal faith create his unique brand of action-packed page turners that make the reader’s pulse race, while quietly shining the good news of the gospel and remaining free of profanity and offensive sexual scenes that have become so prevalent in modern fiction.

His first novel was a seven hundred page Historical Suspense Thriller that took three years to write. This was first published first in the USA, and then in Europe where it was translated into Spanish.

Sean lives with his wife and two children in Surrey, England.

The Car-Universe Without A Motor — The Parker J Cole Show

fromspaceOn April 5th, Speculative Faith Lorehaven began to publish a series of articles called the Car-Universe without a Motor, written by Travis Perry, an author, publisher, Army Reserve officer, and hard science and fantasy fiction geek. Having been a supporter of Travis’s for a long time, and thoroughly in love with his previous set of articles about how aliens point to God, I was looking forward to this series.

Were we created? If we were created, then what for? And who’s the Creator? Does it matter? What about the solar system, the galaxy, the universe at large–did anyone create them? And if so, were they created with a purpose in mind?

One of the reasons why I am so attracted to the series is because the subject of creation, of origin, of the beginning is what interested me in apologetics. Our origins matter. Not just the origins of humanity, but of animal, plant, and other biological and living elements of our world. Over time, I’ve noticed that as our understanding increases, so does our appreciation for the complexity of a reality with a definite purpose in mind. See, the universe is designed for discovery, for wonder, for exploration. Is this universe, then, simply a car without a motor? A facade of design but not really?

Are we passengers in a car without a motor or are we in a car that’s going somewhere with a destination in mind? There’s so much to delve into so join me as I chat with Travis 2 pm Eastern. You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, download Stitcher on your mobile device. Follow us on iTunes. Click on the link here:

My Mother’s Day Gift to You! — The Cure: A Michigan Sweet Romance for #Free May 11th Only

The Cure Cover

Savannah Woods vows to never again have anything to do with Micah Reddington after he ruins her best friend’s career. Yet, when Savannah’s niece is injured in a serious accident, the one man she can’t trust is the one she needs.

Micah can barely contain his satisfaction when he sees Savannah’s message pleading for him to come to her side. Her disloyalty nearly cost his career and he’ll never forgive her for leaving him at the lowest point in his life.

Despite her efforts to remain aloof, Savannah keeps seeing glimpses of the Micah she once loved behind his cool exterior. Micah fights an ongoing battle to not succumb to the sweetness of the woman he once cared for beyond anything else. But Savannah and Micah’s hearts remain sick with the pangs of betrayal. What, if anything, is the cure?




Tonight on the Write Stuff– The Æglet’s Answer with Tim Hurst

aegletReturn to a land full of supernatural wonder. Return to the world of The Kinsman’s Tree.

Their mission to locate the Kinsman thwarted, Company Jasper yet languishes in the clutches of the perverse Doctor Scarsburrow.

Meanwhile, Nat’s discovery of the Kinsman’s Tree brings him into contact with friends old and new. Employing mysterious abilities and the aid of an unlikely ally, Nat plans his return to Sakkan with hopes of rescuing his mother and friends from captivity.

But little does the young Etom know that his involvement with the Kinsman’s Tree will call down unwanted attention on his friends back in Endego, placing them in danger.

Join me as I chat with my returning guest co-host and contributor, Tim Hurst and the second book of his new series. Call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, download Stitcher on your mobile device. Follow us on iTunes. Or click on the link here:

51vpOJ1vPFL._UX250_I am a writer who believes that the life lived best is lived in service to God, and that only under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit one might produce a worthwhile work. I seek to craft entertaining, enriching, and inspiring tales that glorify the Lord in confidence that the Holy Spirit will use them to change lives and draw people closer to Jesus Christ.

In simply offering myself in surrender to the Spirit, I have discovered the satisfaction of worshiping the Lord as an instrument of the writing process. I believe my experience be confirmation of God’s calling on my life, and pray that each and every person is as deeply transformed in reading these stories as I was in writing them. To Him alone be the glory, for I am author of naught.

The Parker J Cole Show — Inconvenient Facts with Gregory Wrightstone

factsYou have been inundated with reports from media, governments, think tanks and “experts” saying that our climate is changing for the worse and it is our fault. Increases in droughts, heat waves, tornadoes and poison ivy—to name a few—are all blamed on our “sins of emissions” from burning fossil fuels and increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Yet, you don’t quite buy into this human-caused climate apocalypse. You aren’t sure about the details because you don’t have all the facts and likely aren’t a scientist. Inconvenient Facts was specifically created for you. Writing in plain English and providing easily understood charts and figures, Gregory Wrightstone presents the science to assess the basis of the threatened Thermageddon.

The book’s 60 “inconvenient facts” come from government sources, peer-reviewed literature or scholarly works, set forth in a way that is lucid and entertaining. The information likely will challenge your current understanding of many apocalyptic predictions about our ever dynamic climate.

You will learn that the planet is improving, not in spite of increasing CO2 and rising temperature, but because of it. The very framework of the climate-catastrophe argu-ment will be confronted with scientific fact.

Join me as I talk with author Gregory Wrightstone about his book Inconvenient Facts: The science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know. You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, download Stitcher on your mobile device. Follow us on iTunes. Or, click on the link here:

Tonight on the Write Stuff — The Muslim with Callen Clarke

themuslimLove in a time of Terror

On a beautiful spring day in 2001, a 9-year-old American girl met a 10-year-old Arab boy who played the Arabic flute in the Persian garden of an Israeli electronics engineer. They knew nothing about each other. Karen knew only that boy with the flute was named was Omar, and his music was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard. Omar knew only that the girl from America was named Karen, and had golden hair. Neither understood that they lived at the end of an era, the era before September 11th, 2001, when the War on Terror began and divided their cultures forever.

Twenty years later, on a chance encounter, Karen Wingfield meets a man named Omar Arraf working at a local business in Oklahoma City. Could he be the boy with the flute?

The Muslim, by Callen Clarke explores the loves, the hates, and the passions of two cultures, Palestinian and American, what divides us as citizens, and what unites us as human beings. A story of Love and Tragedy in the grand tradition of Romeo and Juliet, The Muslim by Callen Clarke uncovers the universal truths concealed beneath the prejudices of politics, lust, and religion, while illuminating the world-changing power of the greatest weapon in human conflict: Grace.

Join in the conversation with me and Callen Clarke as we discuss this hard-hitting romance! You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, download Stitcher on your mobile device. Follow us on iTunes. Click on the link here:

CALLEN.jpgCallen Clarke is a symphonic composer and specialist in Middle Eastern Music. He performs and records regularly on the Oud (Arabic Lute) and other related instruments. He has concertized regionally and internationally both as a performer and a composer. He lives in a small mid-western town with his wife and four daughters.