Tonight on the Write Stuff — Community Prayer Devotional with Bob Santos

Community Prayer

It is no secret that the moral fabric of the United States has unraveled at breakneck speed during recent decades. And while we have made progress addressing some issues such as sexual harassment, many other cultural changes are leaving us anxious and concerned. Mass shootings. Drug addictions. Sexual Confusion. Toxic politics. A lack of common decency. All are problems that lack easy solutions. And for those who are heavily vested in the future of our nation—those with children and grandchildren, for example—our situation is heart-wrenching.

While there may be no easy solutions to our complex social malaise, we are by no means powerless. Through prayer, the all-wise and all-powerful Creator of our universe has given otherwise ordinary people an amazing opportunity to reverse the negative tide. What the people of God do in their prayer closets has the power to change the very course of history!

Family, church, community, and education are four of the most pivotal building blocks of a healthy society, and the degradation we see on a national level has its roots in these four arenas. Thus, much of this devotional’s attention is given to praying not only for various levels of government, but also for the building blocks. Grassroots prayer is where the greatest potential for change lies! And regardless of whether we are young, old, or in between, we can each play a vital role in helping our great nation reach its full potential. We do this both for God’s glory and for the sake of the generations that will follow in our footsteps. **TUNE IN TO WIN A COPY OF THIS BOOK! WE’LL TELL YOU HOW***

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**WRITE STUFF RETURNS** Mirrors of Life with Neal Owens

Mirrors of Life

In the mixed days of happiness and sadness, life and death, an African-American woman guides her children to avoid the pitfalls of their hardship environment and leap over the systematic roadblocks that confine many to juvenile delinquency. This riveting tale of faith and perseverance leads to intrigue when her spiritually inclined and ambitious son, Derrick, attempts to build a civic-minded conglomerate that undercuts the retail and gas prices set by a group of avaricious businessmen led by the narcissistic and callous, Erich Hornsby.Surrounded by fierce opposition that includes people of his race, can Derrick prevail against the powers that be? And if so, how?This God-centered adult/literary novel engages the reader with drama, familial love, romance, suspense, and philosophy.

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NEW RELEASE! An Agent for Danielle by Parker J. Cole

An Agent for Danielle Cover

Danielle Bradford comes to Denver, Colorado for one thing only: to destroy the Pinkerton Agency that has ripped her family apart. Her plan is thwarted when a mysterious man captures her in the act and she is given a choice. Either become a Pinkerton Agent or go to jail. When she sees the man who has her locked to an insufferable decision, she has no choice but to obey his royal command.

Pinkerton Agent Lucien Moreau is really Prince Akaba of the Dahomey Kingdom. Reuniting with Danielle Bradford is the best thing that has ever happened. He knows her special skills as a fighter will be useful to him as he tries to track his abducted twin sister, the princess Hangbe.

Together, Lucien and Danielle embark on the mission together to discover the whereabouts of the prince’s sister. Under the veil of a marriage of convenience, Danielle learns that the abduction is not what it appears to be. Their journey takes them into the company of high government officials to the little town of Cañon City, Colorado.

When Lucien’s life is endangered, she’ll use every ounce of strength to protect him. But who will protect her heart from his devastating charm?

NEW RELEASE! An Agent for Camille by Parker J Cole

An Agent for Camille Cover


For the past twenty years, Pinkerton agent Rounder Addison, has been living a lie, afraid that his past will find him out. The only reason why he hasn’t been caught is that he doesn’t do anything to risk exposure. When the Great Fire of Chicago forces Rounder to relocate to the Pinkerton Agency in Denver, Colorado, he comes face to face with a beautiful mulatto woman who threatens his peace of mind. He knows there’s something different about her and he’s afraid that somehow, she can unveil the secret he’s kept hidden for so long.

Camille Bradford knows what it’s like to carry a secret and Rounder Addison definitely has one. He tries to avoid her at every turn. The more he avoids her, the more determined she is to find out everything about him.

When two friends from Rounder’s past ask for his help, Camille knows she’ll do anything assist in solving the case and be by Rounder’s side. Even if it means telling him her dark secret. Even if it means joining him as his bride of convenience for the duration of the case in the small town of Lantern, Texas.

Rounder and Camille must trust each other and work as a team in order to figure out who is stealing bodies. When danger strikes, will they trust each other long enough to save their lives and heal their hearts? Or will self-preservation lead them to destruction?

The Dark Mirror of the New Age — The Parker J Cole Show


“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” I Corinthians 13: 12

Some months ago, I shared on my social media feed a post a funny incident. I was driving home one evening and I kept wondering why it was so dark. Then I took off my sunglasses. How bright the world became then!

No one looks out of a foggy window expecting to see clearly. Nor, do you pick up a mirror covered dirt or grime and expect to see a clear reflection of yourself. With the advancement of New Age thought and philosophy once again diverging on the masses, while its dark tenets are being swallowed up with sweet sounding thoughts and feel good messages, my guest and I will bring to your attention the dark mirror of the New Age.

Join Marcia Montenegro from Christian Answers for the New Age and I as we discuss how the new age blurs everything. You can call in at 646-668-8485 and press 1 to be live on air. Download Stitcher on your mobile device. Follow us on iTunes. Or, click on the link here:

Tonight on the Write Stuff — **SPECIAL EDITION OF THE PARKER J COLE SHOW ** The Bible and the Constitution with Bill Fortenberry

Bible and the Constitution

The patriot preachers during the American Revolution played a major role in forming the ideology of the American people that eventually produced the federal Constitution. Learned men shaped the American mind and prepared the nation to accept a republican government founded on the concept of popular sovereignty and the principles of republican government  found in the pages of Scripture.

In this new book, Bill Fortenberry retraces the work of patriotic theologians and identifies specific biblical principles which formed the foundations of American government. Bill encourages his readers to take the Bible in one hand and the Constitution in the other hand and discover the exact same principles of government in both documents.

This incredible book will give you the same theological grounding that led our forefathers to establish America as a nation- under God. Listen to this insightful discussion as we discuss Bill Fortenberry’s newest book. Listen at by calling in at 646-668-8485. Download Stitcher on your mobile device. Follow us on iTunes. Or, click on the link here:

The Parker J Cole Show — Arrested By Grace with Hector Vega


Hector Vega’s story is a must-read because hope is found within its pages – a hope that is persistent even when there seems to be no way out. His story will grip you as you walk with him through the dark night of the soul that eventually leads to the daybreak of hope.

Hector shares his story for one reason . . .

If God can radically transform him – a drug addict who lived in immense darkness – He can transform you. You might be a drug addict or a seemingly regular “Joe” or “Jane” who has hidden struggles – scars of abuse, failure, loneliness, depression, anxiety, rejection, or void of purpose and meaning in life – and you need a change; a change in thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. Maybe you are at a point where you feel hopeless; believing that there is no way you can crawl out of the hole you find yourself in.

But there is a way. And there is hope.

And that’s why Arrested by Grace just may be the most important book you will ever read . . . because the grace and unconditional love that captured Hector is available to you!

Join me as I chat with Hector Vega about how the LORD changed his life through the power of grace. Listen in as he shares his story of redemption, restoration, and victory. Call in 646-668-8485. Follow us on I-Tunes. Download stitcher on your mobile device or click on the link here: