NEW RELEASE! A Bride for Sterling by Parker J. Cole

Sterling Montgomery fell in love ten years ago with a young girl who had the voice of an angel. Yet, due to his father’s demands, he was unable to pursue her. Since that day, she has remained in his heart. His father, a prominent minister, seeking to further his position in his church, demands he court the daughter of the elder so that he can climb the echelons of church hierarchy. Sterling, knowing that he will never love any woman like he does his angel, decides to marry any other woman but the one his father has set for him. 

Moira Wellington can never forget the boy who made her love him and then, disappeared without a trace, When a devious matchmaker blackmails her to become a proxy bride, she does so in order to protect her parents from scandal.

When Sterling meets his bride, he is happy to rediscover she is the angel from his past. Moira is shocked to discover her husband is the boy who abandoned her. 

Can this marriage by proxy blossom into a love rekindled? Or will a painful past destroy it before it has begun?


Tonight on the Write Stuff — Christmas is Coming with Heather Hart

Do you ever feel like the holiday season flies by way to fast?

Heather does. 

For several years Heather woke up on Christmas Eve and didn’t even feel like she was mentally ready for Thanksgiving yet. The holiday season had come and gone, and left her feeling like she was grasping at straws. She was so busy trying to do stuff that she wasn’t able to enjoy the moments.

Have you ever been there?

Well, this Christmas Heather is ready to make a change. Christmas is coming and she wants her heart to be ready. Join her in this new devotional as she builds anticipation for the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior and refocus your heart on Jesus this Christmas.

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Tonight on the Write Stuff — Daisy’s Search for Freedom with Bertha Schwartz

It’s the 1850s and Daisy, a slave girl from Alabama, is thrilled when her Mama is brought to her plantation to be the new cook. Six Oaks Plantation has been Daisy’s home for years, and the future looks bright now that she and her Mama have been reunited. The happiness doesn’t last, though, when a dangerous encounter with a notorious slave hunter endangers Daisy’s life. She has no choice but to run. Leaving behind everything she has ever known, Daisy strikes out alone on the Underground Railroad.

Daisy’s search for freedom leads her deep into the woods. Along the way she is joined by Simon, a four-year-old boy and his pet kitten. Pursued by dogs, uncertainty, and a slave tracker determined to capture them by any means necessary, Daisy starts to wonder if she will ever be safe again. Does Jesus care about runaway slaves lost in the woods?

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Biblical Justice vs. Social Justice, Part 2 — The Parker J Cole Show

Today, we continue our discussion of biblical justice vs social justice.

Social justice. Biblical justice. Aren’t they essentially the same thing? After all, don’t we all want what is right to be done to the least of these. Aren’t Christians the very first to pick up the banner of justice and help the downtrodden, the abused, the marginalized? Isn’t social justice the very core of biblical justice?

What if I were to tell you that by the end of this two part series, you’ll be able to answer these questions and more. Joining me in this discussion is Dr. Cal Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance. The Cornwall Alliance is a network of theologians, scientists, economists, and other scholars and leaders work together to promote, primarily through education, three things simultaneously: Biblical earth stewardship, or “godly dominion”, economic development for the world’s poor; and the proclamation and defense of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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#Free #Ebook Today! A Bride for Abel by Cyndi Rae, Book 4 of the Proxy Bride series

Can a marriage by proxy change a man’s world for the better? It’s the premise for the new multi-author project I’ve the honor of contributing to!!

My book in this FANTASTIC series entitled, A Bride for Sterling, comes out December 27th but see what all the fuss is about when you pick up your free copy of A Bride for Abel by the wonderful Cyndi Rae!

Abel Roosevelt finds himself behind bars in Pistol Ridge for simply defending himself in a game of cards. He is given the ultimatum; marry the bride by proxy who was meant for the man that was killed.

Or, hang.

Kate Eisenhour’s only choice is to marry by proxy. With no other options, she sets off to a new life in Montana Territory. Can Kate survive a marriage by proxy to a man she never met?

What about Abel? Can he convince Kate her uncle is not who she thinks he is?

Tonight on the Write Stuff –Mythic Orbits 2 with Travis Perry

Mythic Orbits Volume 2, edited by Travis Perry, highlights the best short stories available in science fiction, fantasy, and related speculative genres like paranormal and litRPG. From robots to fairy tales retold, from life inside a video game to human survival on a distant worlds, from a dragon manifesting itself in tattoos to time travel linked to a daily calendar, the tales amaze, amuse, and astound. These eleven authors show that not only do Christian authors craft tales in these genres, they write some great ones.

Featuring the authors Kat Heckenbach, Steve Rzasa, C.W. Briar, A.K. Meek, Donald S. Crankshaw, Kristin Janz, Cindy Koepp, Linda Burklin, William Bontrager, C.O. Bonham, and Keturah Lamb.

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NEW RELEASE! Wish Upon A Strawberry Shortcake by Parker J. Cole #BlackFriday Sale

Looking for a whimsical, heartwarming Christmas read? Pick up my short story “Wish Upon A Strawberry Shortcake” for only .99 cents

Will dreams come true by simply wishing on a strawberry shortcake?

For five dreary years Artemis Hamilton has lived with the results of his own selfish greed. He’d hurt the only woman he could ever love and ended up alone. Now, Just before Christmas she contacts him with devastating news. All he’s ever wanted was a second chance to make her his. Will wishing on a strawberry shortcake bring him the luck he needs to see his Christmas wish come true? Or is it too little, too late for his own happy ending?