What Do Christians Want Out of Life

Martin Murphy Books

I’m perplexed at the infinitesimal disinterest Christians show toward investigating truth, especially the truth about God, sin, salvation and eternal life. I would expect unbelievers to show little or no interest in such subjects, but Christians should show an eternal interest in these subjects.  I’m perplexed at the profound disinterest Christians have toward spiritual things. I can’t help but to ask the question: What do Christians want out of life?

During the middle ages the driving force for western man was to be “the good man.” A value system that included Christian ethics and godly were very important. The quality of life was measured by the desire to live a “good” life.  The French Revolution introduced a new way of thinking about life. The goal to be a “good man” changed to “a happy man.” Now happiness is not enough because success and self-fulfillment are necessary for men and women…

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