The Parker J Cole Show 2017 Archive

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Hope Alive Ministry

Archaeology and The Bible

A Chat with NYT  Bestselling Author Kim Roby

The Amateur Society

Is God Obligated to Heal You?

What’s the Big Deal about CERN?

Is Human Intervention Necessary?

The Biblical Justification for Slavery

Polygamy: Is this Real Love?

The Five Christs

Is God Beyond Logic?

I Don’t Have to Choose, Part One

The Great Tribulation of the Past

The Courage of the Samurai

I Don’t Have to Choose Part Two

The Paris Agreement

The Truth About You

Meditations for Caregivers

Firebreathing Christian (Rebroadcast)

The Universe and Other Words

In His Time

The Lost will be Found

Fasting and Prayer

The Arrogance of Well-meaning People

A Wife of Valor

Living on Pitch

Marriage Booboos

The Universe and Other Words, Part 2

Perfectly Abnormal

Prayer Broadcast

If Sinners Be Damned

Julia Royston

Who Are the 144,000?

The Universe and Other Words, Part 3

A Crown of Beauty