The Parker J Cole Show 2016 Archive

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The God of Comfort

Breaking the Glass Steeple

Relationship Month: Husbands & Wives

Relationship Month: Parent & Child

Relationship Month: Friends & Others

Relationship Month: Humans & the Earth

Empowering Women About Purity

Empowering Women Through Setting Boundaries

Empowering Women Through Biblical Studies

Empowering Women in the Midst of Illness

Empowering Women Through Spoken Word

Empowering Men to be Disciples

Empowering Men Enduring Grief

Empowering Men About Manhood

Empowering Men with Mental Illness

Christians, God, and Money

The Search for Truth

Fire Breathing Christian

Special Needs and the Church

Prayer and Social Justice

Hope for the Grieving

Debunking Bible Myths

God against the gods

The AntiChrist

Prayer vs. Meditation

The Problem with Meditation

Veiled Intent

Veiled Intent Pt 2

The Search for Family

The Blame Game

Which God Exists?

Should You Only Read the King James Bible?

Why Stay a Christian When God Lets You Down?

Are People the Cause Behind Climate Change?

Collateral Damage

Hostages of the Environmental Movement

Are Essential Oils Really Essential?

Good Grief