Powerful Branding Techniques


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A brand is powerful. It helps one person generate an image or thought associated with another person. Celebrities are all about brands almost to the point where the brand is synonymous with the person. When we say Arnold Schwarzenegger, his name is connected with a series of thoughts — movies, strength, government, etc. When we say Johnny Depp, we may see pirates, 21 Jump Street, Edward Scissorhands, etc.

Well known authors also have the same connection — Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, Karen Kingsbury, Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti, and others just to name a few. In fact, with an author like Stephen King, his name is almost a genre.

So how can authors brand themselves? What techniques can we use? What is a brand and how do you develop it? We’ll be talking about this issue and more on this episode of the Write Stuff with Fran Briggs, marketing and PR specialist.

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Grace-full Grief


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As a child, I always looked forward to Christmas. We used to celebrate it on Christmas Day. We’d run down the stairs, see all the presents under the tree, and we’d thank Mama and Daddy for gifts. I don’t recall Mama and Daddy ever giving any acknowledgement to Santa Claus for the presents. Then one Christmas Eve, we all went to sleep. At midnight, the door to our room burst open and Daddy screamed, “It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” Of course, we were all disoriented having just gone to the bed maybe three or four hour earlier. From that day on, we celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. Although now, it’s in the evening around eight or so. My sisters and I compete to give my nephew the best gift. We sing, talk, and have a great time.

I have very pleasant memories of the holiday. As a child, the best part about Christmas was waiting for it. The anticipation, the mystery, added to the delicious feeling.

Others wait for Christmas with dread. If anything, they want the holiday to come and go as quickly as possible. The season holds memories of loved ones who are no longer there. The bright lights, the songs, the music which some may enjoy only adds salt to an open wound. How can they survive ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ with a gaping hole in their heart?

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Walking on Doubts


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This week, I received the edits back for my book that will be released on January 28, 2014. As I began the process of plugging through them, I find myself experiencing writer’s anxiety. This condition is when you ask questions like, “What in the world was I thinking?” “Am I out of my mind? No one’s going to read this!” “How on earth did I convince myself I was a writer.”

I’m told most writers feel this way so I’m among many.

Yet, there are also many who experience doubts about the Christian faith. Perhaps it’s you. Every Sunday you sit in church. Every day you read your Bible. You pray. And the doubts persist. You may even feel guilty about the doubts that bloom in your mind. You love the Lord. You want to believe that what you have put your faith in is true and real.

Yet, as you walk on this road of faith, you’re walking on doubts. They’re like eggshells crunching under your feet.

You may have tried to ask questions of other believers but their responses do not satisfy the question inside. Maybe the answers were too trite: “Just believe and the Lord will help you!” Maybe the answers were too cutting: “You don’t have enough faith.” Maybe the answers were brought more questions. Whatever they were, you find yourself walking on doubts. Where do doubting Christians go for answers?

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God, Faith, and Science


Image Courtesy of Space.com

God, Faith, and Science according to some shouldn’t be in the same sentence. After all, our understanding of the world around us has grown exponentially. We are able to probe deeper and deeper into space and we have discovered amazing things about the universe. Nebulas, black holes, exta-solar planets, and so much more simply waiting for us. It’s an exciting time. A few days ago, I watched a YouTube video of a Virgin Galactic test flight of a sub-orbital spaceflight. From the pilot’s seat, you could see the earth beneath you and the darkness of space in front of it. It was pretty awesome, let me tell you.

Commercial space travel is becoming a reality. A mission to Mars is within my lifetime (unless the Dutch get to Mars first). Testing of bio-medical printers that can print human body parts can open the door for a wide range of medical help and research. We can now isolate genes and design our children according to the parent’s specifications.  And this is just the tip of the ice berg of man is doing.

So with these advancements of knowledge, does God really have a place in it? What about faith? Some skeptics would say in the past, God was a filler word for things we didn’t understand. Now that we get it, God should be returned to His place in the realm of belief or mythology.

Some would say.

So does God, faith, and science still belong together?

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Sweet Gentle Romance


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The romance genre accounted for billions in sales last year with suspense/mystery a pale second best. With numbers like that, it’s not hard to see what people enjoy reading.

With books like Fifty Shades of Grey and its subsequent volumes, some people may think the face of romance has changed in a rather drastic way. However, on the other side of the coin, there is rising more a call for sweet, gentle romance.

When I refer to sweet, gentle romance, I am not referring to a fairy tale view of love or happily ever after.  I refer to a romantic inclination that seeks to uphold both male and female characters in romance novels as individuals who respect each other while being faced with 21st century modernity and it’s obsessive compulsion for realism.

And, since romance has been the best selling genre, as aspiring authors, we have four inspirational romance novelists to give us some idea about romance — Julie Hilton Steele, Willard Carpenter, Laura J. Marshall, and Cynthia Hickey.

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