Tonight on the Write Stuff — Everyone Was Left Behind

In the midnight hours of April 24th, a prophecy fails and its prophet falls.

Pastor Graham Wilcox boldly predicted Jesus would return to earth on April 24th to rapture His faithful. But, when April 25th arrives, the world is the same, except for Wilcox, who is found dead. His gruesome murder rocks the community where Wilcox lived and the families who frequented the small church that he pastored.

To uncover the truth behind the murder, the skeptical Detective Daniel Seitzer must go to the place he dreads most: church. Along with his new, religious partner, Seitzer wades through a myriad of rumors, secrets, and strange connections as well as an astonishing number of people who had motive to kill Wilcox. Is the killer one of the pastor’s own congregants, or a shadowy figure on the periphery of the church connected with a powerful pharmaceutical company?

For Seitzer, a grieving widow, a multi-million-dollar company, and a faithful but broken family, the truth behind the events of April 24th will either set them free or bury those who have been left behind.

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Steve Armstrong lives with his wife and two daughters in Westchester County, NY. He grew up in upstate New York and attended Binghamton University, where he earned a BA in English. Steve also holds a Master of Divinity of Degree from Bethel Seminary. For the last 12 years, Steve has been on staff at First Baptist Church of Tarrytown.


Powerful Branding Techniques


Original image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Jeff Stvan

A brand is powerful. It helps one person generate an image or thought associated with another person. Celebrities are all about brands almost to the point where the brand is synonymous with the person. When we say Arnold Schwarzenegger, his name is connected with a series of thoughts — movies, strength, government, etc. When we say Johnny Depp, we may see pirates, 21 Jump Street, Edward Scissorhands, etc.

Well known authors also have the same connection — Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, Karen Kingsbury, Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti, and others just to name a few. In fact, with an author like Stephen King, his name is almost a genre.

So how can authors brand themselves? What techniques can we use? What is a brand and how do you develop it? We’ll be talking about this issue and more on this episode of the Write Stuff with Fran Briggs, marketing and PR specialist.

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