Tonight on the Write Stuff — Evil Realms with Cortez Law


With man, possession is 9/10’s of the law. With the devil, it’s all or nothing.

Walk Worthy Christian Life Center Pastor Joel Benjamin believes he’s hears God tell him to preach at several Georgia churches. However, he faces trouble on several sides: One, his wife and First Lady Deborah believes he didn’t. Two, he experiences an atmosphere of dread through a series of mysterious visions. And three, both find themselves the victims of cryptic messages from an unknown caller.

Forces of palpable evil align themselves against the Benjamins. Forces that threaten to steal, kill, and destroy their present and future. But the marital acrimony sends them on the verge of breakdowns that create battles for mutual trust, unity, and faith.Why does God allow bad things to happen to some people? For the Benjamins, maybe God had nothing to do with it. Maybe some choices in the past open the door for the supernatural activity that relentlessly haunts and torments them.“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Either the Benjamins feed their faith and live or they feed their fear and die.

Join me as I chat with returning guest co-host and contributor Cortez Law as we chat about his newest release. Call in at 646-668-8485 and press 1 to be live on air. Or, download Stitcher on your mobile device. Follow us on iTunes. Or, click on the link here:

Tonight on the Write Stuff — Death is not the End, Daddy with Nate Allen


Is there any heart too dark that God’s power can’t reach???

John Doe is a killer. Fourteen children in the last twenty six years. Teddy tells him to and he listens. He has to listen. He is parked across the street from the elementary school in Payne, North Dakota, waiting for Teddy to tell him the name of the next child. He hasn’t yet, but he will…

God is good. It’s the only truth Matthew Mills needs. But, pain is still pain. It has only been a week since his wife had her second miscarriage in the last three years. She has become a shell of who she was. Only his daughter Marcy is a light in his life.

What would happen if she was taken away? Join me as chat with novelist Nate Allen and his spine-tingling, psychological thriller. You can call in at 646-668-8485 and press 1 to be live on air. Or, download Stitcher on your mobile device. Follow us on iTunes. Or, click on the link here:

GUEST POST EXCERPT: Halloween and the Aesthetic of Evil By G. Shane Morris (HOSTED BY SPECULATIVE FAITH)

I know I should have probably shared a post about Thanksgiving but then I found this one a bit intriguing. Here’s an excerpt for you to bite your teeth on and then follow the link for the full story

“Halloween is all about darkness and ugliness.” But Christians who say this confuse aesthetics with morality.

A while back, Steven Wedgeworth wrote an outstanding essay  over at The Calvinist International on the origins of Halloween.1

It’s an annual must-read. The CliffsNotes version is that Halloween is not some vestige of ancient paganism or even a Christian subversion of demonic shenanigans (as a lot of Christian writers have claimed over the years). The truth is actually pretty boring. Halloween as we know it is little more than a 20th century invention designed to sell stuff.

After I posted Wedgeworth’s piece, some friends of mine raised the somewhat different objection that no matter what the origin of Halloween, it’s still “dark,” which violates 1 Corinthians 6:14-18.

“Witches, ghosts, demons, and death–” remarked one friend–“why would I want anything to do with it?”

It’s a common question, so let me take a stab at answering it.

First, “darkness” in such criticisms is ill-defined. What does it mean, exactly? I’m inclined to think from the context that my friends and many others who use the word this way mean something like “menacing,” “fearful,” or “sinister.” Perhaps their intended meaning is just “ugly.” Halloween can be ugly, certainly. I don’t know anyone who would be flattered if you told them they had a smile like a jack-o’-lantern, or a zombie-like complexion. But what’s wrong with ugliness, if used in the right way?

I know people who don’t watch or read The Lord of the Rings because it has too much “darkness” and “ugliness” in it. They don’t like the look of orcs and Nazgul, and think these baddies must have something to do with Satan. Well, they do. That’s the point! Tolkien’s story is rooted in a mytho-poetic battle between good and evil—one that makes it clear we each have varying amounts of both in us. And by placing appearances over storytelling, critics who balk at “darkness” or “ugliness” miss out on the best Christian fantasy of the 20th century, among many other wholesome, worldview-shaping works of art.

Christians who object to Halloween often confuse aesthetics with morality.

This is why I think that Christians who object to Halloween often confuse aesthetics with morality. It looks evil, therefore it actually be evil. There’s no way to redeem the spooky or the dark. Contra Frodo, they think that if it looks foul, it must really be foul, and if it looks fair, it must really be fair.

Click here to read the rest of the post.

Tonight on Write Stuff — The Road to Hell with Jess Hanna

Lucas Stone suffers a horrific accident, experiences the terrors of Hell, and returns from the dead paralyzed and alone until an unexpected new friend finds him.

Arrogant, self-absorbed speaker and author Drake Crawford has written a new book that challenges the traditional Christian theology of Hell.

Luke and Drake are drawn together by supernatural forces beyond their realm of understanding to face the spiritual battle that lies ahead on… The Road to Hell.

Join in the conversation as I chat with my returning guest co-host and contributor horror author Jess Hanna. Call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here:

Jess Hanna s an author of supernatural thrillers that explore spiritual themes. As a devoted follower of Christ, Jess aims to write stories that intrigue and entertain while tirelessly pursuing the truth. He resides in Grand Rapids, MI with his wife, and works in the publishing industry.

Tonight on the Write Stuff — Scarecrow, Scarecrow with John Kanecki

scarecrow-scarecrowThe Scarecrow lurks in the shadows of a young girl’s frightened mind. Everywhere Anne McFry looks, she sees the face of a twisted demon that haunts her past. Escaping from the horror ridden town and going to the big city, Anne thinks she is safe from the Scarecrow. That is until it starts popping up everywhere she looks. Befriending a young man against her better judgement, she experiences a demented ride of torture as the past she is running from catches up to her. The Scarecrow is coming to collect dues, and the only payment Anne has is her soul.

Join me as John Kaniecki and I talk about his new book Scarecrow, Scarecrow and horror in general. Call in at 646-668-8485, press 1. Download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here.




John Kaniecki is a native of Brooklyn, New York. While he has no memory of New York City but he is proud to call himself a native New Yorker. John spent a few years in Illinois but grew up in Pequannock, New Jersey. After graduating high school John went off to Hoboken to attend Steven’s Institute of Technology. Despite being in engineering school, John was clueless to the direction his life should take. After two years John dropped out of Steven’s. He became a Christian and hitchhiked across the United States. Several months later he was hospitalized with bipolar disorder. At this time John began to write poetry. A self published book called “A Day’s Weather” shows his mind at this time. After years of struggle John eventually returned to college and graduated from Montclair State University. John went to work stocking shelves at Sears and then worked with an engineering firm. John married Sylvia Kaniecki in 2004. Once married John returned to writing. His writing has been published in over seventy outlets. His books are “Murmurings of a Mad Man” a book of poetry by eLectio Publishing, “Poet to the Poor, Poems of Hope for the Bottom One Percent” by Dreaming Big Publications, “Words of the Future” a collection of science fiction stories published by Witty Bard and a horror novella “Scarecrow, Scarecrow” published by Fat-Lip Press Presently John is a full time caretaker for his wife. Also he volunteers as a missionary for the Church of Christ at Chancellor Avenue; which is in the inner city of Newark. He stays up light at night and writing in any free time in hopes of becoming a professional writer. Facebook Facebook Twitter @JohnKaniecki Website Blog Goodreads John Kaniecki

The Tears of Nero — Tonight on the Write Stuff

nero.jpgFive strangers. One madman.

Edward, Henry, Franklin, Sadie, and Kelly are complete strangers. On the surface, none of them have any connection to one another, yet they all wake up on an island with no memory of how they arrived there. Their only clue is a note found inside a bottle buried in the sand:

Dear lambs, I think God is mad at us. If you don’t believe it, just look at your own lives for proof. You have all been punished in some way or another. That is why you are valuable to me. You are here to help me understand why bad things happen to good people. – Nero

Much to their horror, they discover their captor is modeling himself after the crazed Roman Emperor, and that he has every intention of killing them off one by one if they don’t learn their true purpose for being on the island. To discover what it is Nero wants from them, the group must face their tragic memories, struggle with their faith, and unearth what links them all together.

Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?
Come to the island and find out…

Join me as we take a ride on a mad rollercoaster with author Jason Brannon and his book The Tears of Nero. You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here. Tune in!

Jason BrannonJason Brannon is the author of The Maze and The Tears of Nero. His fiction features flawed characters trapped in impossible situations that test and try their faith. If you like the message contained in a Ted Dekker book but want the suspense of a Stephen King thriller, then check out his fiction and get the best of both worlds. Jason Brannon currently lives in Amory, MS and maintains a website at where more information can be found about his work.

Tonight on the Write Stuff — Nikolai the Penitent with Mark Carver


The Black Death ravages 14th century Europe. Kingdoms crumble, cities fall, family members abandon one another. God has forsaken His children and now chaos reigns.

A young man who has lost everything is swept up in the turmoil and finds his calling in the Brotherhood of the Cross – groups of pious men and women who viciously whip themselves as they parade through the streets of sinful cities, hoping their sacrifice will atone for the iniquities of the people. As the scars grow on Nikolai’s back, he purges himself of lust, fear, and doubt, but the price he pays will threaten his very soul.

Join me as I talk with author Mark Carver and his newest release, Nikolai the Penitent. You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here.

Mark carverMark Carver was born in Queens, New York. After graduating from Toccoa Falls College in 2005 with a degree in English Literature, he hopped on a plane to China. He worked for 8 years at various Chinese universities, teaching spoken English and writing.
In 2009, Mark married a lovely Chinese girl named Tina. Their son Nolan Z was born in 2010, their daughter Zoe Ann was born in 2013, and another daughter Nora Snow was born in 2016. Mark now lives with his family in Atlanta, GA, where he teaches ESL at a local university.
Mark loves art in all forms, and this is reflected in his enthusiasm for tattoos. Mark currently has more than 20 tattoos, some with significant meaning, and others that are simply for fun. He also enjoys art, listening to heavy metal music, and studying medieval architecture.

Mark’s reading list skews heavily towards classical literature, specifically from the medieval, American Romantic, and Gothic periods. His favorite works include The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Dracula by Bram Stoker, The Monk by Matthew Gregory Lewis, and many more. These works have had a profound effect on Mark’s writing style and subject matter.

Tonight on the Write Stuff — The Untold Podcast **REBROADCAST**

Write StuffChristian speculative fiction is on the rise and the Untold Podcast is here to help in aiding the imaginative needs of geeks, nerds, and fanatics of the genre.



The Untold Podcast exists to engage the culture’s imagination through speculative fiction from a Christian worldview. At the Untold Podcast we want to recapture the power of story and use the weirder genres to do it. Science fiction, fantasy, horror and supernatural stories serve as metaphors for our lives. The distant star systems, the shining knights, the abominable yetis, and the ghosts remind us of our own struggles, triumphs and losses.

John me as I chat with Nathan J Norman who produces the Untold Podcast. If you’re an author who wants to see if your stories can be part of the Untold Podcast library, you don’t want to miss this show. Call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, download the Stitcher app on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here:,


Tonight on the Write Stuff — Adverse Possession with Jess Hanna

Write StuffWhenever you go looking for a home, you try to find the perfect one. Does it have enough room, what style is it, can you see this place as a home? What about the neighborhood? Is it kid-friendly or do college student light it up at night? But when you find that perfect dream home, you see you and your family as part of it and it’s a part of you.

Or is it?

Join me and Jess Hanna as we discuss his book Adverse Possession and talk about the growing area of Christian spec fiction. Join me by calling in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or you can click on the link here: Tune In!


Adverse Possession Initial Cover 2015


The Forresters have found their dream home… So has something else.

After years of moving from place to place, Andy and Tess are ready to settle down. But from the day they moved into the sprawling Victorian house, something just wasn’t right.

The power cuts out twice a day on a fixed schedule. Windows unlock and open on their own. Strange scratching sounds come from behind the walls.

As the bizarre occurrences continue to increase in frequency and strength, the true source of the extraordinary activity is revealed.

What started as an enchanting curiosity has become a danger to them all, and the Forresters are in a race against time to save their family from an enemy unlike anything they have ever known.


Jess HannaJess Hanna s an author of supernatural thrillers that explore spiritual themes. As a devoted follower of Christ, Jess aims to write stories that intrigue and entertain while tirelessly pursuing the truth. He resides in Grand Rapids, MI with his wife, and works in the publishing industry.


Multiverses, Magic Potions, and The Cross

It’s the stuff that worlds are made of and the building block of mythical creatures. It’s the portal to another dimension and the bridge that connects the mind with machine. It teeters on the brink of war with imagination and reality. It inhabits the realm of thought and glimpses into the spirit plane. With a dash of ‘ifs’ and sprinkles of fact, the brews boils and bubbles in the cauldron of an author’s limitless universe.

It’s speculative fiction.

The ‘what if’ers of the fictional realm. The authors that probe and respond to the deep, murky questions of our minds. Like detectives or private investigators, they seek to challenge the idea of normality as we understand. Through science fiction, fantasy, and horror and the many sub-genres in between, speculative fiction writers are ones that grip our imagination.

But what does multiverses and magic potions have anything to do with Christianity? After, what’s the point of multiverse and potions when there are so many other things to concern ourselves with. Should we be talking about God and bringing about the great Commission? How can extra dimensions and stooped over creatures play any significant role in Christianity literature? Should Christians even write speculative fiction? What purpose does it serve?

We will be discussing these questions and others with our guest co-hosts and contributors, Brita Skinner and Becky Minor, two wonderful Christian speculative fiction who, I believe, have narrowed the divide. Also, Michelle Pendergrass will join us to tell us more about her new Christian speculative fiction magazine called Midnight Diner.

Does the multiverse really exist? Do black holes lead to the other side of the galaxy? Are we really here or is this part of some massive simulation we’re all connected to? What about the things that go bump in the night?

If you liked the Matrix, you’re going to love this show. Feel free to call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 and you’ll be live on air. Or you can go to our chat room and weigh in or follow us on Twitter.