NEW RELEASE! A Bride for Valentin by Parker J. Cole

proxy brides round 2 Valentin p arker

Can a marriage of revenge ever turn into love?

Valentin Carrion del Bosque, former peasant turned wealthy spice trader, has only one mission: get revenge on the man who dishonored his sister. After waiting years for the perfect moment, he finally sees the chance to wreak havoc on his enemy’s life by marrying his sister.

Contessa Ysabel Garcia de Alba only wanted to live her life in peace and become a sister of the holy orders, until her brother demands she marries a man in order to escape that man’s threat to ruin their family name. She becomes a mail order bride by proxy and travels from Spain to New Mexico in order to save the family.

When Valentin sees the lovely, beautiful contessa, he’s torn between his desire of getting revenge on her brother and his attraction for his enemy’s sister. Ysabel wonders if she can ever be more to him than the sister of the man he hates. When secrets of the past are revealed, can Valentin move past the pain and find love in the arms of a woman who carries the same blood as his enemy?



Tonight on the Write Stuff — The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series with Christine Sterling

Pairing prospective lady Pinkerton detectives with rough and ready agents? What could possibly go wrong?

Head of the Denver Pinkerton office, Archie Gordon, has been tasked with hiring female agents.

The problem? They need to be trained by existing agents while solving cases. Alone and unchaperoned. In 1871.

The solution? Have each pair marry temporarily, for the duration of the case. If Archie can convince his reluctant agents and the even more reluctant women to agree, that is.
One thing is certain, it won’t be dull. And the couples might even find love on the road to adventure. If they don’t kill each other first.

The Pinkerton Matchmaker – Christine Sterling & Marianne Spitzer
An Agent for Lucy – Amelia Adams
An Agent for Regina – Marianne Spitzer
An Agent for Wilhelmina – Sophie Dawson
An Agent for Claudette – Christine Sterling
An Agent for Audrey – Laura Beers
An Agent for Victoria – Kate Marie Clark
An Agent for Elizabeth – Julia Ridgmont
An Agent for Cecily – Marie Higgins
An Agent for Charity – Patricia PACJAC Carroll
An Agent for Diana – Rebecca Connelly
An Agent for Belle – Nerys Leigh
An Agent for Arielle – Parker J. Cole

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Tonight on the Write Stuff–Hannah’s Civil Pirate with Joanna Emerson

51-PJ7+phSL (1)Hannah Jones knows little more than the evils of slavery. She yearns for freedom for herself and her children. But in Charleston, SC, in the 1850s, freedom is impossible for a black woman.

Then she meets Robert Smalls, who doesn’t think like anyone else she ever met before. And he may be daring and gallant enough to attempt the impossible – escape.

If they succeed, they will win freedom for their family and friends. If they fail, the Confederate army would hang Robert as a pirate, and would kill his whole family. Or worse, send them back to slavery.

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NEW RELEASE! Wanted: Stonemason by Parker J. Cole

Wanted- Stonemason (1)

Mallet Thorne is in trouble, big trouble. All because he listened to a gypsy fortune-teller and not his own heart. He just wanted to make right the pain his brother, outlaw Mace Thorne, caused in Silverpines. So at the advice of the Gypsy he answers an advertisement for a groom. He has every intention of becoming the husband and father to a widow and her children even though he is unsure if he would be a good father and husband. That is until he sees the most beautiful woman ever. He’s drawn to the beauty even as he sees the distrust in her eyes.

Catrina Rosenmeyer hears the name of the newest man in Silverpines and is overcome with fear. Long ago a gypsy fortune-teller warned her to beware the thorn and she’s convince Mallet is who she meant. All she wants is to stay hidden and grieve for her sister. So why is she drawn to the handsome Thorne like a moth to flame?

Can the two of them follow the gypsy’s advice or will the mutual attraction they feel overwhelm their fears and obligations? Will Mallet marry the widow or follow his heart to the beautiful Catrina? Will Catrina put aside fear and seek to build a foundation with the stonemason?


A Bride for Jeremiah by Christine Sterling, Book 1 of the Proxy Bride series!

If you liked the book Sarah, Plain and Tall and the subsequent movies, you’ll love a Bride for Jeremiah.


Can one wounded heart heal another?

Esther Thompson longs for a husband and a home, but at nearing thirty, and plain as they come, she knows her chances of having either are slim. Until the loss of her position as a governess forces her into becoming a mail order bride.

After losing his beloved wife, Jeremiah Price is left with a broken heart, five children and a farm to take care of. Desperate for a new wife to ease his workload, and after three successive brides balk at the prospect of such a large family, he insists on a proxy marriage for his fourth. Whatever happens, he needs this one to stay.

When Esther and Jeremiah finally meet, neither is what the other is hoping for.

But they could turn out to be just what the other needs.

This is a sweet historical romance


NEW RELEASE! Lantern of Charity — Lantern in the Window, Book 4 by Parker J. Cole

Lantern of Charity (1)Becoming a widow is the best thing that has ever happened to Charity Chance. Her loveless marriage was a disaster and she intends to avoid the trappings of matrimony for good. She can run the successful cattle ranch without any man’s help. But when the town mayor asks her to open her bunkhouse to competitors who could become potential grooms for the many widows and single women of Lantern, Texas, she reluctantly agrees.

Bounty hunter Hezekiah Brunston comes to Lantern in search of murderous Yankee rebels causing terror throughout the war-torn South. When he encounters the beautiful but cold Charity Chance, his hunt is stifled by his heart. For him it’s love at first sight. Bunking on the Second Chance Ranch is the easy part, trying to woo a woman who wants nothing to do with any man is the hardest hunt of his life. How can he overcome the shadows of a cruel dead husband.

Charity is conflicted by his startling green eyes, regardless of how many times he declares he will be true, she can’t be tempted by his rugged good looks. Hezakiah is frustrated by her unyielding distrust. Even with a few stolen kisses and whispers of happiness, she remains cold. Can he help her find the courage to reignite her lantern of Charity?



The Lantern in the Window — A New Series by Lynn Donovan and Parker J Cole

LitwMeme (2)



When Patience Muldoon’s husband left for the War Between the States, he promised to return and asked her to keep a lantern in the window. But it’s been over a year since the war ended and he’s yet to return. In fact, few men have returned. So the widows have devised a plan to bring eligible husbands to Lantern, Texas: a big cash prize rodeo. Patience hasn’t given up, so she won’t be looking for a husband. She’ll continue to serve her town, like before, as Sheriff.
The war cost Caleb Cantwell everything; his wife, his son, even his right hand. More importantly it cost him his dignity. Born left handed, Caleb can still handle a six gun and is an expert marksman, fully capable of returning to a life of keeping the peace. However no one in his home state of Georgia wants to take a chance on a one-armed lawman. A promise made during the war brings him to Lantern, Texas looking for its lady sheriff. Determined to take over the job best left to a man, Caleb and Patience find themselves at odds right from the start.
Will Caleb’s vow free Patience to let her love the man determined to take her job from her? Will Caleb realize he’s lost something else in this Texas town–his heart. Will Patience take a chance or remain cold to the stolen kisses and lure of Caleb? Can she extinguish the Lantern of Patience once and for all?

LanternofFaith (3) (1)

Faith Burke has been waiting for the return of her husband, the Mayor of Lantern, from the War for the past eighteen months. In his absence, the responsibility of keeping Lantern a thriving community falls on her shoulders. When her brother-in-law, her staunch protector and defender, Cyrus, challenges her to stop waiting and bring new men to town, she rises up to the challenge by hosting a festival sure to lure in potential new husbands for Lantern’s eligible women. She’s not seeking one for herself. She could never betray her husband, and she’ll continue to wait for him no matter what her brother-in-law says.

Cyrus has been in love with his brother’s wife for years. Although he has convinced her to put on the festival to bring life back in Lantern, what he really seeks is the opportunity for her to see him as a man, and not her brother. Yet, Faith believes her husband will return and she keeps her heart’s lantern lit for his brother. Can Cyrus convince her to extinguish the flame of an old love and light a new lantern meant for him?

Lantern of Grace

Ever since they were children Grace Coffey has been in love with Avery. Even though he is thought to be lost to the War, she is hesitant to move on. Her heart leaps for joy when he is found hiding among the bushwackers, but one thing holds her back. How can she expect to ever marry with the tragedy that she now has to live with.
It was the War that took Avery Whittaker from home, but it was his injury that kept him away. He joins a band of bushwackers to avoid burdening the ones he loves. But he’s drawn home anyway and soon his secret is revealed. How can he expect to marry with such a hideous reminder of the war.
Can Grace and Avery accept their new circumstances so that they can have their happy ever after or will selfish pride keep the Lantern of Grace forever shining as a beacon of a lost grace?