Tonight on the Write Stuff– The Æglet’s Answer with Tim Hurst

aegletReturn to a land full of supernatural wonder. Return to the world of The Kinsman’s Tree.

Their mission to locate the Kinsman thwarted, Company Jasper yet languishes in the clutches of the perverse Doctor Scarsburrow.

Meanwhile, Nat’s discovery of the Kinsman’s Tree brings him into contact with friends old and new. Employing mysterious abilities and the aid of an unlikely ally, Nat plans his return to Sakkan with hopes of rescuing his mother and friends from captivity.

But little does the young Etom know that his involvement with the Kinsman’s Tree will call down unwanted attention on his friends back in Endego, placing them in danger.

Join me as I chat with my returning guest co-host and contributor, Tim Hurst and the second book of his new series. Call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, download Stitcher on your mobile device. Follow us on iTunes. Or click on the link here:

51vpOJ1vPFL._UX250_I am a writer who believes that the life lived best is lived in service to God, and that only under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit one might produce a worthwhile work. I seek to craft entertaining, enriching, and inspiring tales that glorify the Lord in confidence that the Holy Spirit will use them to change lives and draw people closer to Jesus Christ.

In simply offering myself in surrender to the Spirit, I have discovered the satisfaction of worshiping the Lord as an instrument of the writing process. I believe my experience be confirmation of God’s calling on my life, and pray that each and every person is as deeply transformed in reading these stories as I was in writing them. To Him alone be the glory, for I am author of naught.


Tonight on the Write Stuff — Awaken the Silver Tail with Lynnette Roman

51AkPuVbxVLThe Silver Tail, the ancient foe of the Skylands, Earth and the Waterworld, has broken free from the Gates of Condemnation. Though liberated he is without his power. To regain his supremacy, he must retrieve the one who sealed him away in Hell, the ivory Calf. Still too weak to search for the being, Normacco, his loyal minion goes in his stead. While on the hunt for the ivory beast, he encounters those that wish to stop him: a dead man, a Fire Sol and an old Queen Meviathum called Red.

The Second of the Seven Desolations of the Tatum Scrolls has come to pass. The weight of the Call of prophecy upon Red proves to be more than she can handle. Already she has lost her clan to the hand of Normacco, the servant of the Silver Tail. Now her power is threatened to be stolen by him as well. How can she battle the Silver Tail when she cannot defeat his servant? Is she truly the one Jehovah has chosen to face the Silver Tail as the Nazarite proclaimed her to be? Or had the man been lying to her from the very beginning?

Call in to talk to my twin sister Lynnette Roman and her newest book! Call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here.

61a2SluUJLL._UX250_.jpgLynnette Roman was born in Royal Oak, MI. Her enjoyments surround a good cup of coffee with family and friends. It is the stories of leadership in the bible that are her greatest inspirations for her books. She currently teaches Sunday School and Bible Study at the church she attends.

Tonight on the Write Stuff — The Untold Podcast **REBROADCAST**

Write StuffChristian speculative fiction is on the rise and the Untold Podcast is here to help in aiding the imaginative needs of geeks, nerds, and fanatics of the genre.



The Untold Podcast exists to engage the culture’s imagination through speculative fiction from a Christian worldview. At the Untold Podcast we want to recapture the power of story and use the weirder genres to do it. Science fiction, fantasy, horror and supernatural stories serve as metaphors for our lives. The distant star systems, the shining knights, the abominable yetis, and the ghosts remind us of our own struggles, triumphs and losses.

John me as I chat with Nathan J Norman who produces the Untold Podcast. If you’re an author who wants to see if your stories can be part of the Untold Podcast library, you don’t want to miss this show. Call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, download the Stitcher app on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here:,


#FREE E-BOOK The Druid’s Spear LAST DAY!



Ken Aoki’s world is shattered with the loss of his mother. All that is left is two strange objects she willed to him. If the doomsayers all over the media are right, and everything is soon to end, then at least the apocalypse will end his pain.

When he stumbles onto his best friend’s corpse and is attacked by a powerful stranger that leaves him for dead, he wakes to find himself
mixed up with cave dwellers whose hopes rest on the mysterious artifacts in his possession.

The beautiful and aloof Rin Uchida helps Ken discover there’s more to himself than he ever knew. As the planet is bombarded by natural disasters, Ken and Rin race against time to stop a dangerous adversary that will do anything to complete his objective – destroy humanity at any cost.




Write Stuff Author Spotlight– Bid the Gods Arise & Blood Song by Robert Mullin — EXCERPTS


Kidnapped from his homeworld and sold into slavery, Maurin despairs of ever seeing his cousin or his home again. When he is ransomed by a mysterious woman and reunited with Aric, he joins an unlikely group committed to the downfall of the slave trade. But it isn’t long before he realizes they are being hunted–not only by the blood-lusting head of the slave trade, but by an ancient evil that wants their souls.


From a corridor on his left emerged a quartet of large men, all heavily armed. One walked in front, one behind, and the two between had chains leading from their waists to the wrists of a fifth person in their midst. Aric stopped to let them pass, and recognized their captive as Dania. Though clean and dressed in a plain tunic, she still looked like a viper ready to strike. She had a bandage on her arm.

Aric guessed that the man walking point carried the keys to her manacles, and the other two were there to keep her from going anywhere. Even if she managed to disable or kill them both, it would be hard to drag their bodies. Her feet were also shackled, with a chain long enough to allow her to walk freely, but short enough to cause her to fall flat on her face should she attempt to run.

Taking no chances with you, are they?

As they passed, the woman glanced up and straight at Aric. He took a step back, despite her humbled state. The hostility in her turquoise eyes was palpable.

She stopped short, jerking on the chains. Her guards warned her with a glance, but she ignored them.

“What are you looking at, slave?” Her accent suggested the common tongue spoken here in Caileen was not her natural language, but it didn’t sound at all familiar to him. He decided not to try speaking in Aran. The chances of finding someone else from his world were pretty slim at this point, and her guards might take exception to it, anyway.

Aric shrugged. “The winner.”

Dania tilted her head and regarded him for a moment, then laughed mirthlessly. She held up her wrists, showing him the manacles. “Winners go home with trophies. Losers go home in shackles. I’m just a slave, boy.”

“So am I.”

“Your slavery is only as sure as your chains. Where are yours?”

“Let’s go,” the man in front said. “You don’t need to be giving him any ideas.”

“Just wait, boy,” she called over her shoulder as they led her off. “You may see the victor yet.”




In BID THE GODS ARISE, readers were introduced to the hardened gladiatrix, Dania. Now, in this standalone prequel novella, we learn the story of how the orphaned pickpocket comes of age and grows to become the Blood Goddess of the gladiatorial arena of a distant world.



She had heard about loder-cats, but never seen them. The creature in the pit with her was far grander and more terrifying than anything her imagination had associated with it. It stood as high as her shoulder, padding along on enormous clawed paws. A gray and black streaked silky mane bearded its fearsome yellow-eyed face, and its thick-furred tail twitched in anticipation. It stalked back and forth, just a couple of yards from her, but no closer. What kept it from killing her?

Flat against the wall, breathing heavily, Dania forced herself to assess the situation. She glanced back at Kathke, who seemed relieved, but tense. She pointed again, and Dania followed her friend’s finger to the center of the pit.

The cat was tethered. A chain kept it from reaching the edges of the pit. The chain terminated in a shackle set about a heavy plinth. And atop the plinth—

A spear.

Thick wood tipped with a steel barb like a harpoon, the spear stood there erect in a tiny base, easy to retrieve, yet completely inaccessible.

“I know you can do this, Dania.” Farel’s voice echoed through a trumpet used to make announcements throughout the games. “I have faith in my girl.”

Incredulous, Dania pulled herself together. The loder-cat’s bass growl vibrated the air around her, and it snarled, baring yellow fangs longer than her hand.

Pleading would do nothing. She had learned that well enough.

Time to prove herself.


Tonight on the Write Stuff — Speculative Faith with E. Stephen Burnett

The New Write Stuff Radio BannerWelcome to a brand new year! It’s 2016 and this is the Write Stuff!


This year and last year and probably the year before that has been the year of the Geek! Geeks rule! It’s now fashionable to be obsessive about how many decks are on the starship Enterprise, what episode did Dr. Who encounter the Wailing Angels, and who is Wolverine’s stepfather? Dystopian, horror, monster science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, AI stories, and a plethora of other genres have taken the front seat of the mind and our entertainment.

How does all this reflect on the Christian writer or the Christian reader for that matter? With all the speculative fiction out there, is there an ‘appropriate’ way to feel about it? Can a Christian (like me) still profess Christ as Lord and Savior while salivating over the next Alien vs Predator movie? Should a Christian question the possibility of a robot soul? Those “what if” questions — should they be explored?

Join me for this hot of the press episode of the Write Stuff where I talk to author E. Stephen Burnett, speculative fiction extraordinaire and administrator of Speculative Faith. Call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, click on the link here: Tune In!


E Stephen BurnettE. Stephen Burnett is editor and writer at Speculative Faith, a web ministry with daily articles, reviews, and a complete library of Christian-authored fantastical fiction novels—all to help fans explore fantastical stories for God’s glory. He is also a staff writer for Christ and Pop Culture, where the Christian faith meets the common knowledge of our age, and a journalist with a dynamic news franchise in Austin, Texas. He lives with with his wife, Lacy, in their Austin-area home.




Tonight on the Write Stuff — The Crossover Alliance with David Alderman

Are you  an author who loves to create exciting worlds, mystical creatures, and magical powers? Maybe you like a little bit of adrenaline pumping survival threaded throughout your book as your character fights off a horde of zombies. Do vampires, werewolves, and shape-shifters really get your creative juices bubbling? And you want to mix in your faith as well?

I’ve said this often on the show but I’ve had the privilege of reading books of Christian speculative fiction that encompasses all these aspects and still have a wonderful faith-filled theme. Sometimes it’s been subtle and other times, it’s been more overt. The fact is that as an author you do not have to choose if your fantasy, horror, or paranormal fiction has a place in the Christian publisher industry. It does!

Join me as I talk with David Alderman of the Crossover Alliance, a publishing company that publishes edgy Christian speculative fiction. Plus, they are accepting submissions for their anthology now! More details during the show! Call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can click on the link here: Or download the WLUV radio mobile app. Tune in!


The Crossover Alliance is an online publishing company built around edgy Christian speculative fiction – in general terms, Christ-centered speculative fiction with edgy content, such as sexual themes, language, drug use, or violence. The term ‘edgy’ not only encompasses content though – it can also be applied to certain situations/themes/character deficiencies that are not typically found or ‘allowed’ in Christian fiction. This unique genre crosses the line of both secular fiction and Christian fiction and creates a new breed – not just to appeal to a wider audience, but also to shed light on realistic, entertaining writing that has the power to appeal to both Christians and non-Christians alike.


Click here to view the 2015 Current line up.


We are now accepting Novel and Novella submissions. At this time, The Crossover Alliance does not accept physical submissions. Rather, we would like you to email us your query. This will ensure a speedier turnaround time on your submission, and you will receive a reply acknowledging that we received your submission.

Click here to go to the submissions page.