Write Stuff Author Spotlight — Quiet Time to Pray with Pamela Smith

Hello! This is one of my tour stops during my one week CD tour for Quiet Time To Pray by Pamela Smith. This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs January 29-February 2,2018. 

Genre:  Inspirational/Christian

Evangelist, Life Coach, Author, and Speaker Pamela D. Smith has dedicated her diverse pursuits to elevate the spiritual lives of women around the world. Born in Northern Louisiana, and now residing in Arlington, Texas-she’s affectionately known as the “Prayer Plug” to many. It is through fervent prayer that she has created a multifaceted ministry that connects with people through a plethora of platforms and projects. Such would include the release of the prayer cd, Quiet Time To Pray, and an effort called Divinely Domesticated which empowers women in four core areas: Marriage, Motherhood, Ministry, and Money. She’s also self-published inspirational devotionals entitled: E3:Encouraged, Equipped, Empowered and Life, Love, Liberty: A 21-Day Spiritual Life Coaching Journey.
In addition to a Life Coaching audio and workbook titled: Inwardly: The Set Free Life, she’s also published the E-book: Effectual Prayer and has been featured on The Sharvette Mitchell radio show, Diva Talk Radio, The Authors Show, Jubilee Magazine, Elite Magazine, and Glambitious Online. She was a 2017 Pink Carpet Honoree at LaShae’s Business Women Expo. Having an undergraduate degree in Social Science and a master’s degree in Business Management, Pamela will soon channel her business savvy into additional efforts including the release of more prayer CDs, the launch of Divinely Domesticated podcast and a collaborative book effort. Additionally, her services that include life-coaching, consulting, keynote speaking, panel speaking, and workshop facilitators; will continue to help pave her road of success as a ministry maven.
A Quiet Time to Pray is an inspirational prayer audio that enhances listeners quiet time with God. These prayers, along with inspirational sounds, connects listeners with God and empowers them to demonstrate their faith in God. Included are prayers for your spouse, children, business, peace, relationships, forgiveness, the world and many more. The words in these prayers will help listeners to deal with everyday life in a positive way. In addition, these prayers helps one to understand their rightful authority as a believer.
“God will never bring you to what He is not going to bring you through. If you do what you can, God will do what you can’t.”-Pamela D. Smith
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Write Stuff Author Spotlight — One Sunday at a Time by E. N. Joy

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Book Title: One Sunday at a Time
Genre: Fiction
ISBN-10: 1622867173
ISBN-13: 978-1622867172

Book Release Date: March 2016

Author: E. N. Joy


About The Author

Joylynn M. Ross now writing as

BLESSEDselling Author E.N. Joy (Everybody Needs Joy)

BLESSEDselling Author E. N. Joy is the author behind the “New Day Divas,” “Still Divas,” “Always Divas” and “Forever Divas” series, all which have been coined “Soap Operas in Print.” She is an Essence Magazine Bestselling Author who wrote secular books under the names Joylynn M. Jossel and JOY. Her title, If I Ruled the World, earned her a book blurb from Grammy Award Winning Artist, Erykah Badu. An All Night Man, an anthology she penned with New York Times Bestselling Author Brenda Jackson, earned the Borders bestselling African American romance award. Her Urban Fiction title, Dollar Bill (Triple Crown Publications), appeared in Newsweek and has been translated to Japanese.

After thirteen years of being a paralegal in the insurance industry, E. N. Joy divorced her career and married her mistress and her passion; writing. In 2000, she formed her own publishing company where she published her books until landing a book deal with St. Martin’s Press. This award winning author has been sharing her literary expertise on conference panels in her home town of Columbus, Ohio as well as cities across the country. She also conducts publishing/writing workshops for aspiring writers.

Her children’s book titled The Secret Olivia Told Me, written under the name N. Joy, received a Coretta Scott King Honor from the American Library Association. The book was also acquired by Scholastic Books and has sold almost 100,000 copies. Elementary and middle school children have fallen in love with reading and creative writing as a result of the readings and workshops E. N. Joy instructs in schools nationwide.

In addition, she is the artistic developer for a young girl group named DJHK Gurls. She pens original songs, drama skits and monologues for the group that deal with messages that affect today’s youth, such as bullying.

After being the first content development editor for Triple Crown Publications and ten years as the acquisitions editor for Carl Weber’s Urban Christian imprint, E. N. Joy now does freelance editing, ghostwriting, write-behinds and literary consulting. Her clients have included New York Times Bestselling authors, entertainers, aspiring authors, as well as first-time authors. Some notable literary consulting clients include actor Christian Keyes, singer Olivia Longott and Reality Television star Shereé M. Whitfield.

You can visit BLESSEDselling Author E. N. Joy at http://www.enjoywrites.com or email her at enjoywrites@aol.com.

About The Book


What does crazy look like? Let Deborah tell it, it’s the reflection that looks back at her in the mirror. She has a career she loves, two beautiful children and a handsome and successful husband. Her life seems to be the blueprint almost every woman she knows would kill to live. But working full-time, being a full-time mother, full-time wife and a full-time Sunday only Christian seems to be taking its toll on her. With all the scheming and shenanigans Deborah orchestrated to get this lifestyle, she might have to come up with a whole set of new ones to maintain it.

Lynox is Deborah’s husband who she thanks God for putting back into her life after a game of cat and mouse that defies the laws of romance. He feels that all Deborah needs is to let her hair down, maybe make some new friends and live a little. When Deborah agrees and then suspects Lynox of having an affair with the woman that he suggested she form a friendship with, will he live to regret his own advice?

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Barnes & Noble link: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/one-sunday-at-a-time-en-joy/1122258914?ean=9781622867172

Amazon paperback link: http://amzn.to/2949UhT

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3rd Year Celebration of the Write Stuff — TONIGHT!

Write Stuff

Can you believe that it’s been three years already? We’ve been together for some time and I’m glad to use this opportunity to celebrate with me. Thank God for everything He’s done in blessing this show to reach out to readers and authors worldwide and give you great books, great authors, and reads.

Call in to celebrate with me and Rachel Rossano, the very first guest on this show as we look forward and look back. You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here. http://tobtr.com/9074423. It’s time to celebrate!


It’s really a shock to me that I would write Christian fiction. Really it is.  I didn’t know Christian fiction existed until about 2000 or so when I happened across a store called Family Christian Stores. I went in there and saw all of these lovely books and was hooked.

My earliest memories are of books and writing. I always knew this is what I would do. I just never thought I’d be a Christian writer or a writer who is Christian.  I grew up reading Stephen King and then when I was fourteen, I discovered my first Harlequin book under my cousin’s bed that summer and got hooked onto romance. So my first loves are horror and romance. Go figure.

When I began to take my writing seriously, I had been let go at my job back in 2010.  Now I had time on my hands. I saw the computer with my manuscript I’d let linger for ten years from the time I was 18 years old and I decided to get in published no matter what. My first book, Dark Cherub, can be classified as Christian horror. (Thanks Stevie!)  It changed everything for me. I mean, everything. I worked on my first romance series, called Sins of the Flesh and that also changed things for me. I started to do podcasting, and now I am the owner of the new PJC Media, an online broadcasting company.  Yet the love of the written word is still in my veins.

I host Christian authors worldwide on my shows.  Been doing it for three years. Over the years, I’ve become something of  diplomat. The body of Christ is already so divided by denominations and the like. I don’t want to add to that unnecessarily. I don’t mind standing up for core biblical truths but when it comes to secondary, non-essentials, I don’t get too worked up over it.

I love helping Christian authors get the word out about their works. If you want to be showcased on my show, simply email me at writestuffradio at gmail dot com. I’d be glad to have you.


Parker J Cole Interviewed on Real Solutions with Anna M. Aquino

I enjoyed this short, fifteen minute interview with Anna Aquino. For one thing, Anna’s just fun to be around with. She’s a powerful speaker and a wonderful writer.  WWe had great time chit chatting about writing, Christians, my books, and the everything in between. Hope you enjoy!



Write Stuff Author Spotlight — Beyond Belief: Jesus Saved You…Now What? by Abby Kelly

Genre: Bible Study, Christian Non-fiction
ISBN-10: 1632131145
ISBN-13: 978-1632131140


Abby Kelly is a nomadic, military spouse writing from wherever she momentarily finds herself with her husband, their wonderful dog, Brave, and two tolerable cats.

Abby began writing in the process of recovering from a more-than-decade long eating disorder. She credits Jesus Christ for her full recovery and for filling her with a passion to encourage others to seek freedom from their own addictions and struggles.

Now, Abby is the senior editor for two online Christian publications: http://www.tblfaithnews.com and http://www.mydailyarmor.org. She is a freelance editor, as well. Abby continues to write for numerous Christian publications as well as maintains her personal blog, http://www.predatory-lies.com.

In her free time, she and Brave enjoy volunteering in hospitals and schools as a pet therapy team through Pet Partners.




Does your life look the same as it did the day you put your faith in Jesus Christ? Or have you discovered the power of the Spirit within you enabling you to live a holy, righteous life? For that matter, is it even possible to be holy?

Many Christians today are wading in the shallow end of the infinite relationship God desires to have with His children. They are strangled by addictions and idolatry, or distracted from the pursuit of spiritual maturity by a cheap imitation of moralism. Whatever the reason, their spiritual growth has been stunted; they’ve never gone beyond mere belief in Jesus Christ.

Beyond Belief: Jesus Saved You … Now What? explores what God has in store for you and what He wants from you. With a firm foundation on the centrality of Christ, this book will help you see exactly who you are and what you are called to, based on, and enabled by, His righteousness alone. Through intense study and humbling application of both the Old and New Testaments, Beyond Belief, will show you what a mature Christian life looks like and what it takes to get there.



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Write Stuff Author Spotlight — Seven Days and Nights by Melinda Michelle — EXCERPT

When a man loves a woman, he gets married. But what if some chapters from his past are not completely closed? If your past showed up at your honeymoon would it help you or haunt you? Here’s Abraham’s story…


Chapter 1: Blissfully Unaware (2 years later)

They pulled off the long road and onto the secluded dirt road. Abraham was shocked they hadn’t gotten lost. The unpaved road was unexpectedly smooth. He looked over at his wife, Abigail. She smiled. Her smile was one of the things he loved most about her. She had a classic beauty. Her features were perfectly proportioned on her dark brown face. Her black eyes were haunting and never failed to penetrate him when she looked at him with the love and adoration he knew she had for him.

She was a petite woman, but lacked nothing that he planned to explore more deeply in a short while. Her hair was swept up into a chignon. This woman was the real deal. She’d made him wait. He was surprised he’d stuck around, but when he did she snatched his heart so fast she left his head spinning.

He still couldn’t believe he was a married man. He never thought he’d settle down. He supposed it was time for a change. What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. He wanted to keep his past away from his wife. After all, it was the past. No use in bringing it up now. She said, “Abe, I’m so excited. We are about to start our lives together.”

He grabbed her hand and kissed it. “I don’t deserve you beautiful.”

Abigail smiled. It was something he said often. Her innocence kept her from realizing just how serious he was.

“We deserve each other,” she quipped with her habitual response. He smiled. She stared into his big brown eyes. His heavily lashed eyes were what did it for her. His full lips curved into a smirk. She grinned and kissed him. His deep chocolate brown skin was smooth. She ran her hand over his low cut hair.

She was excited and nervous about tonight. Not only would this be their first time as husband and wife, it would be her first time – ever. She’d met him two years ago at church. They became fast friends and before she knew it, they were dating. She almost passed on him because it seemed like he was only after one thing. But once she’d set her standards he continued to pursue. She watched for fault in his sincerity, but it never came. Now, here they were about to embark on their honeymoon. She was so excited. She looked ahead to see a secluded cabin that was well lit. The sun was just about to tuck away for the evening casting a purplish-orange glow in the backdrop. The view was breathtaking. The log cabin held four rocking chairs on the wide porch.

Abraham pulled up to the front of the cabin and opened his door. He came around and opened the car door for his new wife. When she got out, she slipped her arms around him. She inhaled his seductive scent as well as the crisp scent of the forest.

It was late spring and the weather was perfect. He placed his hand on the side of her face and smiled down at her.

“Loving you changed my life. I’m so glad you said yes,” he told her. She grinned as the tears glistened in her eyes. “Me too!”

He laughed. He released her and grabbed her hand. They strolled to the front door. Abraham reached beneath the rug and pulled the key from where they were told it would be. He opened the door. They walked in and took in the wide room.

The rustic cabin was decorated in plush beige leather and rocking chairs. Directly opposite from the front door was a sliding glass door. There were three windows that spanned the length of the glass doors at the top of the wall.

There were oak end tables with lamps, and a plush brown rug in the middle of the floor. The stone fireplace was breathtaking though he didn’t think they would have the chance to use it. They already knew the kitchen was fully stocked with what they requested.

Abigail pulled him into the bedrooms. There were three. The master bedroom had a king size four-poster-bed. The decorative quilt looked perfect for the rustic cabin. She tried to drag him to the rest of the house, but he grabbed her and pulled her down on the bed. She went and smiled as he wrapped her in his arms. He kissed her neck, her cheek and then her lips. He said, “I love you so much Abigail. I never knew I had it in me to feel what I feel for you.”

“I love you too Abe. I’m the lucky one.”

This time she kissed him. After five minutes had passed, Abigail pulled back.
A little confused, Abraham gave her a hopeful stare.

She laughed. “I know you’ve been waiting a long time baby, but our wedding night is not going down like this! I have something special I want to wear for you.”

“But it’s just gonna come right back off,” he protested. She laughed, but he was dead serious.

“Down boy,” she said and wiggled out of his embrace. “I’m gonna go check out the rest of the cabin. Can you get our bags?” He sat up, brow creased slightly. “I need a minute to calm down.”

She laughed and headed out of the room. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a sudden movement like something ran by him. He also heard a little giggle. He jumped up and turned in circles looking for God only knew what. He stood still and listened, but didn’t hear anything. He rubbed his hand down his face and shook it off. He headed out to get their luggage.

He didn’t see the shadow that scurried behind him.

Write Stuff Author Spotlight — Secret Places by Vivian Kay


Book Title: Secret Places
Genre: Christian Fiction
Author: Vivian Kay

About the Author

Vivian Kay is a debut Christian author whose faith stories are woven around the themes of human fallibility, divine encounters and God’s redemptive power. When she is not writing or daydreaming about writing, you’ll find her playing simultaneous games of online scrabble or snuggling up with a good book. A wife and mother, Vivian lives in a quiet corner of Canada’s banana belt.

About the book

After many years of happiness, Moni Badmus’s marriage is falling apart. Unwilling to lose her only child, a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl, to her husband in a custody settlement she goes along with his suggestion of an unconventional marriage intervention. Will Moni’s fear of losing what she holds dear take her to dark places she never imagined she would go?
Sam Badmus has lost his thirst for the things of God. For a while, his extramarital activities seemed to be a cure for his unsatisfying home life. But soon his risky behavior exacts a steep price and Sam has to turn to the God he left behind to save his family and maybe even his life.
Debo Ajala and his wife Adele are living the golden life or so it seems. Debo is a respected church deacon and Adele, a mother to their four adorable sons. Their lives couldn’t be better, that is until Adele’s feelings for another member of their church surface. Adele’s confession unleashes a series of events that Debo never expected. He escapes his troubled life by accepting a pastoral position in a city on the other side of Canada, but soon his twisted past catches up with him.
In this emotionally charged tale of sacrifice, temptation, and redemption, two couples learn sin has consequences and there is no place they can hide from the presence of God.

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