Dark Cherub

405b97_e709c13cf190e813d0b7ae038e543134.jpg_srz_p_247_373_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzDark Cherub


Shadows lurk in the darkness, preying on hundreds of women—women who have one hidden thing in common.

A young woman witnesses the unsettling disappearance of her high school principal and soon finds herself facing a harrowing decision.

Two friends find themselves facing a power that threatens not only their lives, but the lives of thousands more. One is fighting her own shadows from past decisions. The other is followed by a lurking adversary who nearly killed her five years before. She begins to connect a series of events, and a frightening realization comes to light: they face a power that cannot be fought with guns or weapons. Will they find the answers, and the strength, to cast away the grip of a hostile presence that only wants them dead?

“This book was so riveting that I finished the whole thing in 24 hours. It is a must read. It will have find cheering and yelling at the same time.”  Thomas Smith

“I don’t usually read much fiction, so when this one was recommended to me I resisted. But I finally gave in and was blown away!! I was taken in right away and Parker J Cole never let me go. What a thriller!! I will definately look for more books by this Author! Keep them coming Parker!!!” Cheri Moschler

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