NEW RELEASE! An Agent for Danielle by Parker J. Cole

An Agent for Danielle Cover

Danielle Bradford comes to Denver, Colorado for one thing only: to destroy the Pinkerton Agency that has ripped her family apart. Her plan is thwarted when a mysterious man captures her in the act and she is given a choice. Either become a Pinkerton Agent or go to jail. When she sees the man who has her locked to an insufferable decision, she has no choice but to obey his royal command.

Pinkerton Agent Lucien Moreau is really Prince Akaba of the Dahomey Kingdom. Reuniting with Danielle Bradford is the best thing that has ever happened. He knows her special skills as a fighter will be useful to him as he tries to track his abducted twin sister, the princess Hangbe.

Together, Lucien and Danielle embark on the mission together to discover the whereabouts of the prince’s sister. Under the veil of a marriage of convenience, Danielle learns that the abduction is not what it appears to be. Their journey takes them into the company of high government officials to the little town of Cañon City, Colorado.

When Lucien’s life is endangered, she’ll use every ounce of strength to protect him. But who will protect her heart from his devastating charm?

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