Tonight on the Write Stuff — Eden Undone: What if Eve Said No? with Anna Lindsay

518mSADzPyL (1)What if Eve had said no?
Take the biblical tale of Creation. And then ask… what if Eve… had said no? Would evil have given up? Or would it have carried on, scheming, waiting to pounce? And what then? From that joy-filled world where the lion lies down with the lamb, where there is perfect relationship and neither death nor sadness nor dissonance… how would that Unfallen family, mirroring God’s heart, react to the Fallen – and the other way around?
By imagining a universe in which the Fall is deferred by a generation, the book allows us to go behind the scenes to live and experience the events and characters of Genesis 1-4 from the inside, rather than reading about them from the outside. From first temptation to eventual fall, and the unravelling of relationship leading to that first, most shocking, conclusion, and the grace which follows, we smile, laugh, wince, mourn and rejoice with those inhabiting those days. What might it really have been like before the Fall? In practical terms. And after?
The novel is in two halves. Part I is set in Eden, from first moments of consciousness to cataclysmic Fall. Part II follows Cain and his family as they build their lives outside Eden’s boundaries, and the relationships which are destroyed and rebuilt.
Two great Trees. Of Life, and of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Only one forbidden. What happens when the fruit of the forbidden one is eaten? And why?

Listen in to a fascinating discussion with author Anna Lindsay’s book, Eden Undone. You can listen in by calling in at 646-668-8485. Download Stitcher on your mobile device, or click on the link here.

91UYw1Q7H+L._UX250_ (1)Anna graduated from St.John’s College (Cambridge University) and has worked everywhere from Hong Kong (as a volunteer working with Jackie Pullinger to help drug addicts) to temping in Switzerland and as a teacher in the UK. Health challenges forced retirement, since when she has served her community in a volunteer capacity including 16 years as a Trustee of a tiny local Registered Charity.

You can follow her updates about the book via Facebook and Twitter @eden_undone and the website If you have been stirred, encouraged, or uplifted by the tale, then it would be wonderful to hear from you.


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