Tonight on the Write Stuff — Success Instigator with Rhonda Nails

Happy New Year to all!

Do you want to instigate success in your life and not just wait for it to happen? Tired of making resolutions but never resolving them? My guest tonight will show you how success is not a passive one-time event, but a deliberate move on your part to instigate the success you want.

Join me and my guest tonight, Rhonda Nails, contributing author to the anthology Organized Obstacles and speaker and presenter. Also learn how obstacles are merely another term for opportunities.  Call in at 646.668.8485 press 1 to be live on air or download Stitcher on your mobile device or click on the link here:



Losing weight is hard.

Losing weight while dealing with major obstacles is almost impossible.

The 2nd book in the Organized obstacles series reveals the stories of those who laughed in impossible’s face while on their weight loss journey. This book chronicles several real life stories of those who share their weight loss stories with the world. How they did it, obstacles they overcame and how they are maintaining their incredible weight loss journey.

This anthology does not just chronicle the stories who have lost weigh but it also includes healthy recipes and effective workouts to help you get started on your road to health.


12068746_10204597867940064_6969183742967760207_oSome may know her as The Success Instigator but before that she as known as Blind, Broken and Bankrupt. To understand the woman, you must understand her story:

At age 5 an accident left her BLIND in one eye

At age 25 she was left BROKEN as a Single Mother

At age 34 a loan scam left her no choice but to file BANKRUPTCY

Rhonda’s life motto is : Obstacles are Organized for your OPPORTUNITY! She is currently a Corporate Trainer, Best Selling Author and most importantly a Success Instigator. Her ability and connection with audiences has featured her in several blogs, radio programs and even Essence magazine.


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