Demythologize the Church

Martin Murphy Books

Jesus mentioned the church a few times in the New Testament, but He didn’t devote a chapter to define the nature, purpose, mission, and ministry of the church.  However, Jesus left the church this promise:   “I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18). The word church found in the New Testament has been misused and misinterpreted throughout the history of the church.  It is my purpose to share some thoughts on the nature of the church.  The great challenge is to demythologize the church. This brief list will help:

The church is not someplace you go to

The church is not a building

The church is not an institution

The church is not owned by anyone on this planet

The church is not graded by ethnicity, importance, or social status

The church is not divided by doctrine

What is the church? Hold on to your hat because the answer is simple…

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