Make the Church Great Again

Another goodie from Martin!

Martin Murphy Books

The United States is at war.  Actually, they are not very united.  The battlefields are raging with issues such as abortion, women’s rights, gay rights, racial discrimination, education, economics and list goes on and on. Some people buy into the sophisticated worldview known as globalism.  Others prefer traditional nationalism as a political and cultural worldview. The differences are so vast and so numerous that a global library could not contain them. Donald Trump came up with a slogan: “Make America Great, Again!”

The dilemma for the Christian church is similar to the battles being fought in the United States with a few additional problems. The church is polarized.  Theological ignorance abounds.  Utilitarianism is the trend.  Ecclesiastical intrigue is common as fried chicken.  God’s law is horribly misinterpreted.  Moralism has replaced justification by faith alone. For those who know me, I offer a satirical slogan: “Make the Church Great, Again!” I…

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