Christians: Who Are We?

It’s interesting Martin would about this topic when last Saturday we discussed the Search for Truth on the show.

Martin Murphy Books

Dr. Os Guinness is a prominent Christian philosopher.  In his book, The American Hour he said, “the deepest source and agency of. . .cultural authority lies in its faiths, so that it can be truly said that there is no strong and vital culture without a cultus or source of worship and ultimate faith commitment.” The time has come that “Americans must ask themselves, Who are we?”

The crisis of cultural authority is a very real problem for all of us.  The present crisis cannot be ignored because it has our nation in a state of confusion.  Racial groups and special interest groups have overshadowed the “one nation” concept in the United (or un-United) States.  The church has followed the culture and is also in a state of confusion. From my experience, many professing Christian and some trained theologians do not understand the nature, purpose, mission and ministry of the…

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