The Great Gift: Constitutional Integrity

Martin Murphy Books

The scholar (one schooled or taught a particular doctrine) has replaced the intellect (one who uses the rational powers naturally endowed and applies rationality by the use of a tool known as logic).  For example Obama is said to be a scholar and he is, but he is no intellect.  The scholars who argued against Galileo’s heliocentric views were so blind in the field of astronomy, but so schooled in theology, failed to use their natural “sense, reason, and intellect.”

Now I’ll make two comments about the current political problems.  The two comments may be summarized within two political philosophies:  statism and sophism.

Statism is the political world view of the liberal political machine.  Statism basically says, “the state is the Savior of its subjects.”  Or to put it another way the government will solve all your problems.  Just turn over your mind and the minds of your children to…

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