Tonight on the Write Stuff — Places and Times with Arthur Turfa

Write StuffHave you ever wanted to travel back to a time where you were the happiest? Did you want to hold that memory in your hand and relive the experience over and over again? Places and Times is the poetry collection that explores some of the best moment of our lives — from the mundane to the extraordinary, it is a collection of works that expresses happy times and places. Saturday mornings and trips to the beech. From the U. S. to Europe and Mexico, this collection of words highlights the beauty of nostalgia.

Join Arthur Turfa and I as we discuss his poetry. You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, you can click on the link here: Tune in!


Places and TimesBook of original poetry covering places, times, and people who have had an influence on me.












About half of my life has been spent in various parts of Pennsylvania. I was born in Pittsburgh, and spent 11 years south of there in the Monongahela Valley. My family moved to suburban Philadelphia, where I went to high school.

    Most of the time since has been spent in New Mexico, California, Virginia, South Carolina, and Germany, although I did live for another 13 years in Pennsylvania: Philadelphia itself and Luzerne County.
     My career path has been bi-vocational; I am a Lutheran pastor and Army chaplain (Retired Reservist with veteran status) and educator on secondary and post-secondary levels. I have taught twenty years on the secondary level in Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and more recently, South Carolina. Additionally,  have taught about 30 classes as an adjunct instructor at two-year and four-year colleges in Pennsylvania and South Carolina. 

     I wrote a lot of poetry when younger, then I took a 20-year break, and resumed around 2002. 
eLectio Publishing released my first book of poetry, “Places and Times” in April 2015. Sine then I have been giving readings and appearing at author events.
    If you would like the purchase the book, I suggest buying from the publisher, since that is the best deal:
     However, if buying from amazon, Barnes & Noble, or another vendor makes better sense for you, please do that. I thank you very much and ask that you also review it on Amazon or Goodreads.
     Currently I live in the Midlands of South Carolina with or near my family. Thanks for stopping by to learn some more about me. 

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