American Political Despair

Martin’s ends on this sober note, “We may learn from these ancient governments.”

Martin Murphy Books

I’ve been reading, thinking, and meditating about the state of our nation. Having devoted years of study relative to the American culture, I’ve concluded that we as a nation are headed down the same path that other nations/civilizations have already traveled. The political nature of a nation is not in a philosophical vacuum, although many if not most of its citizens believe that a political philosophy is unimportant. If the Athenian philosophers appeared today on CNN or some other highly visible news media, they would plead with the citizens of our nation to re-consider the national political philosophy. The same applies to the Roman Empire. If we believe that our national heritage will produce success as a result of one’s own experience (a national experience based on the experience of its citizens), remembering that the experience comes from a fallible, mutable being that lives uncomfortable with relativity, we are denying…

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