Church is Not the State

Martin Murphy Books

I was converted to Christianity about 35 years ago. One thing I knew, even as an agnostic, the church was/is in a mess. Based on my experience many, if not most, professing Christians do not understand the biblical purpose, nature, ministry, and mission of the church, but they profess to “go to it.”  Then election time comes and really throws a wrinkle in their understanding of the church. The state becomes the church and church becomes the state, especially among the self-professing evangelicals.  The church is “God’s people.” Israel was “God’s People.” Even before Israel, Adam and Eve were “God’s people.”  The church does not own one acre of land, no buildings, and no assets. God refers to the church as “My people.” The church on earth is a steward of God’s material provisions. The state does not belong to the church. I’m trying to make this as short and…

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