Write Stuff Book Spotlight — Birds of Passage Edgy Christian Fiction #Charity Anthology — EXCERPT

The Birds of Passage anthology is a collection of short stories writing by nineteen different authors, including myself. It was a fun project as all of us wrote edgy Christian fiction in one form or another.


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When people hear the term edgy Christian fiction, a lot of Christian readers who prefer mainstream CBA (Christian Booksellers Association) guideline works  automatically think Christian writers just want to have more sex in the story. But at Edgy Christian fiction, a ranking system has been developed to classify the level of edginess.  And honestly, it’s not just about sex.

Ranking Scale of Edgy Christian Fiction

(original article from Edgy Christian Fiction website)  *you may have to sign in or up to view the article*

Non – Edgy Christian Fiction

No offensive language / conforms to biblical principles and supports a Christian worldview as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Light – Edgy Christian Fiction

May contain uncomfortable situations / no F-bombs or implied sex / may contain light violence / conforms to biblical principles and supports a Christian worldview as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Medium – Edgy Christian Fiction

May contain stronger language, perhaps an occasional F-bomb / may contain implied sex / may contain stronger violence / conforms to biblical principles and supports a Christian worldview as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Heavy – Edgy Christian Fiction

Contains F-bombs and/or sexual situations – may be graphic / may contain heavy violence and possible gore / conforms to biblical principles and supports a Christian worldview as a follower of Jesus Christ.  (scale provided by Edgy Christian Fiction website)





In the Birds of Passage anthology there a collection of stories of all varying degrees of edgy Christian fiction.

In the story, “Gumdrop  Valley”  our hearts are torn in two by a young child who was stolen from her parents and forced into the sex trade in Peru.  Child sex slavery is rampant, both domestic and international. The author this story wrote based off real-life experiences her organization has handled in their efforts to save the children.

Little Black Dress”  details the story of a woman who meets a guy at a bar. There’ s love in the air when she’s catapulted into the arms of a handsome man who pays attention to her. She’s wearing the little black dress her mother gave her before she died.  The little back dress becomes symbolic throughout this story and leaves the reader and impression of lost hope and redemption.

My contribution, entitled “April and Mr. Grim” follows the story of a girl and her blind fiance as they head to his parents’ house to celebrate their engagement.  But one look at her, and Mr. Grim, her fiance’s father, knows everything about the past she fought so hard to keep at bay.  In his eyes, a woman like her isn’t fit for his son

There’s more stories interwoven throughout the book. Check out these fantastic works in the anthology such as “Ordination Day”, “Hell of an Opportunity”, and “Until He was Gone“. You’ll enjoy these stories as much as I did.
Throughout the book, there are lovely psalms written by Fr. Steve Kluge O. F. M. and his reflection on the need for edgy Christian fiction. I truly enjoyed this interdenominational collaboration.

Oh, and ALL PROCEEDS go to the charity.  Not a cent goes to the authors. Keep reading!



passagehomelogoThe charity this benefits is Passage Home — Passage Home exists to break the cycle of poverty for the communities we serve in Wake County by connecting families and neighborhoods to resources and opportunities.

Read success stories this organization has helped such as Ashante Watson, Lisa John, and Bill Winstead.

The best part about providing for this anthology was the fact that in my own way, as a writer, I can provide a great story for a good cause and do my part to help this wonderful charity.  Enjoy this excerpt from my contribution and consider buying a copy. You’ll be glad you did!

Excerpt from April and Mr.  Grim

“Here goes,” April whispered, as she waited for Obadiah to come out the car. The familiar feel of his arm soothed her rapid pulse, and she inhaled a deep breath.

“It’ll be okay. They’re going to love you.”

April knew that, but there was always the chance they wouldn’t like her on sight. She was marrying their only son. She led the way up the sidewalk to the square front of the home. The white awning hung over a row of viburnum shrubs on either side. Their scent surrounded them like a blessing, and the petals reflected the light of the moon.

“Everything’s going to be okay, isn’t it Obie?” April sighed with satisfaction as she leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Those flowers did it, right?”

“And you thought you needed to see in order to read me.”

He patted her hand. Before Obadiah could do little more than knock, the door was swung open from the inside.

“Obadiah!” a soft female voice exclaimed.

Eomeoni!” he greeted back, calling her by the Korean word. He was ripped from April’s grasp as the short woman with surprising strength tugged him down into her arms. They spoke in Korean for a few moments. April smiled at the mother and son interaction.

“And this is my woman, April Hollister,” Obadiah introduced her as his mother wiped at her eyes and opened the door further to let them in.

“Hello, Mrs. Grim,” April responded formally, being sure to give a low bow in the tradition of Korean people.

“Oh!” Mrs. Grim let out the sound, a pleased expression lifting the smooth, ageless features of her face. Another flurry of Korean dialogue passed between the mother and son but from the way she looked, they were words of delight. Score one!

Obadiah held out his hand and April gripped it eagerly again. His mother saw the interplay, and a sly glance appeared in her dark eyes.

“Where’s abeoji?”

“He’s coming,” Mrs. Grim answered in perfect English. “You know how your father always gets when he meets new people.” She turned to April. “Obadiah and he have sensitive stomachs, so whenever they both get nervous they go to bathroom. Sometimes they’re in there for twenty minutes or more.”

April gulped back a laugh and Obadiah groaned. “Who needs enemies with family like this? I’m so glad I can’t see right now.”

Mrs. Grim looked at her son with pride. “You will see again. God will heal. I’ve no doubt of that.”

The stairs creaked, and April glanced up to see Obadiah’s father make his way to them. He was a tall man, with hazelnut skin and heavy black brows. A ready smile curved his lips, but it froze as he fixed his eyes on her. April swallowed hard and unconsciously clutched Obadiah. She saw Mr. Grim’s eyes darken from her position.

Without preamble, Mr. Grim said, “Is this some kind of joke?”



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