Write Stuff Author Spotlight — I’d Punch a Lion In His Eye for You by Ben Wolf

I fundamentally believe that kids need to know how much their parents love them. In my case, that’s a lot.

My name is Ben Wolf, and I have a son. His name is Liam, and he’s one of my two favorite people in the world. (The other is my daughter Violet.)


A lot of little boys have daddies who want them to know how loved they are, and that’s the exact message I wanted to convey to my son: daddy loves you no matter what. What little boy doesn’t need to know that? What loving parent, whether they’re around all the time or not, doesn’t want to convey that love?

Since I love my son so much, I decided to use my talents and skills to create something unique and special to remind him of how much I love him, something he can always have with him, even when I can’t be around.

The Idea

The idea to create a children’s book for Liam came to mind one day, and within minutes I had fleshed out the plot for I’d Punch a Lion in His Eye for You(Side note: my daughter Violet is still little, but I’ve already got a great story in mind to write for her when she’s older.)

It took me another 6 months or so, but I managed to wrangle enough extra funds from my day job as a freelance editor to hire a phenomenal artist and a dynamite designer to help me bring this book to life.

The Result

The results have been nothing short of fantastic (more text follows after the pictures)


This is our cover ^.


Safari Two-Page Spread



Underwater Two-Page Spread



Prehistoric Two-Page Spread

Isn’t the artwork fantastic? That’s all thanks to the unbelievably talented Ben Powell who took my concept and brought it to life with his pencils and markers in ways I never could have imagined. I know that Liam will adore this book, and so will the little boys in your life. More importantly, he’ll know how much I love him.

A lot of parents want to express their love for their kids whether they’re around all the time or not. This book shares the message of that love in a fun, adventurous way.

Get your copy today and tell the little one in your life how much you love him (or her).

Want a print copy instead?

Email me at 1BenWolf@gmail.com to reserve your copy today.

1 for $14.95 + shipping (to be calculated) or 2 for $24.95 + shipping

Want more than 2? Want a bulk order? Email me and we’ll work it out!


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