The Worthiness of God

Martin Murphy Books

It seems to me that many professing Christian worshippers are more interested in entertainment for themselves rather than worshipping the Lord God almighty.  People love to worship according to their feelings.  We live in an age when true worship has been replaced by entertainment of every sort.  The application of managerial theory and the psychobabble theories are the great enemies of true biblical worship.  Today the focus is on the worshipper rather than the object of worship, the true and living God.  Idolatry in the modern evangelical church is rampant.  The building where the church meets for worship is a popular object of worship, especially the multi-million dollar buildings.  Music, drama presentations, and other performances have become objects of worship.  Pastors, denominations, and church dogma are a few of the many idols found in the modern church.  Restoring biblical worship ought to be the primary objective of every Christian.


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