Postmodern Stuff for People Who Don’t Know

Martin Murphy Books

“…always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

2 Timothy 3:7

In a popular academic work by Steven Conner there is a quote by Michael Ryan, a postmodern liberal.  He said:

Rather than being expressive representations of a substance taken to be prior, cultural signs become instead active agents in themselves, creating new substances, new social forms, new ways of acting and thinking, new attitudes, reshuffling the cards of ‘fate’ and ‘nature’ and social ‘reality’. It is on this margin that culture, seemingly entirely autonomous and detached, turns around and becomes a social and material force, a power of signification that discredits all claims to substantive grounds outside representation and this discrediting applies to political institutions, moral norms, social practices and economic structure. (Postmodernist culture, p. 225)

The postmodern culture has pronounced the death sentence on absolute truth and reality; therefore, we have…

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