Tonight on the Write Stuff — Murmurings of a Mad Man with John Kaniecki **UPDATED TIME AND LINK**

Write StuffFor this edition of the Write Stuff, I have the pleasure of showcasing John Kaniecki, author and poet.

John lives with the reality of bi polar mental illness. This condition has had a great impact on John’s life and his walk with God. The ailment began when John was twenty years old and continues to this day. With proper medication John functions fine. However it was a great cross to bear initially. An overwhelming one. Now twenty eight years later reflecting back John can appreciate the lessons learned from the struggles.

The book, “Murmurings of a Mad Man” are poems that are reflections from a time when John was committed to Graystone Psychiatric Hospital. At that time many who should have been sources of support simply vanished. Alone in Dorm Sixty Two, John came to grips with the serious of the problem. This came with the full realization that only God can solve our greatest problem

Join me as we chat together by calling in at (646) 668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can click on the link here:  Tune In!


MadmanMurmurings of a Madman is a psychological and spiritual exploration of mental illness from the point of view of the mentally ill person. With appearances by Woody Guthrie, Joe Hill, and Crazy Horse as the poet’s ego, super ego, and id, this poignant collection of poetry will astound, confound, and show the light of hope that can penetrate any situation…the light that only comes from hope in Jesus Christ


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