Looking Back — Eleven Days of Write Memories

The best gifts are the ones you don’t always see until you look back on them. During the next twenty two days before Christmas, I’m going to look back on the Write Stuff and share some insights I’ve learned over the years. Primarily, I’ll be highlighting some shows but other little tidbits too. This isn’t to say some shows were better than others. Quite the contrary. I’ve loved all my shows the Lord’s blessed me with hosting. But the gift of it is looking back and seeing how far I’ve come.


bestfriendI wonder what studies will show years from now about the relationships we form through our online interactions. Growing up, all my friends were real.  I could touch them, go over their house, have a party, and gaggle as young girls are wont to do.  In fact, over the weekend, I helped my best friend move some furniture with the hubby’s truck. I’m godmother to her kids, and she has my everlasting devotion.  She’s stronger than me in both mind and body.  The bond we formed as children has grown into womanhood. As we change and grow, maturing over time, that bond grows with us.

In the beginning, I was highly skeptical that online relationships could matter in the same way a ‘real’ relationship could. After all, I don’t know so-and-so really from the man on the moon.  Yet, there’s one person I call my friend, who I met a scant three years ago via an online group whom I love dearly as a sister in Christ and a friend.

No one has to do anything for you. I think the younger generation has delusions that they’re ‘owed’ something based on the virtue of being themselves.  So imagine my surprise when a woman who I didn’t know critiques my first book, Many Strange Women, for me. She wasn’t paid. I didn’t offer to do anything special, just hey, I’ll critique your book and when it’s my turn, you critique mine.

From that moment on, I found the woman who helped me to become a better writer, who gave me the name of my agent, who worked tirelessly with me. And in return, when her moment came, I was able to do her show, detailing her story of how she went from writing erotica to writing sweet.

It took her over a year to get her first non-erotica book completed. I remember once reading one version of her ‘script, and laughing, I said, “Ally, please get these characters off the wall.”  She had a difficult time keeping the sex out her stories but over time, she did although the steam is still there.

But she’s my best friend and I love her dearly. When I did this show, it was my way of saying thank you in more ways than one. You’ll hear and notice how our conversation may be a bit more casual than I usually am, but when you’re hanging out with your best friend, you don’t need to be formal.


I love this cover!

Go ahead and show my friend some love!



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