Looking Back — Fourteen Days of Write Memories

The best gifts are the ones you don’t always see until you look back on them. During the next twenty two days before Christmas, I’m going to look back on the Write Stuff and share some insights I’ve learned over the years. Primarily, I’ll be highlighting some shows but other little tidbits too. This isn’t to say some shows were better than others. Quite the contrary. I’ve loved all my shows the Lord’s blessed me with hosting. But the gift of it is looking back and seeing how far I’ve come.


Harsh was my guest for this show and I was so glad to be able to bring his insights on the show. With as many enterprises he’s had, his best advice was to Fire Your Mentor. When you listen to show, you’ll notice he’s on his phone talking to me at 4am Wednesday while it was 7pm Tuesday for me.  He gave a lot of good advice for authors and I hope to have him back real soon!

Yes, this is his Twitter picture!This wasn’t my first guest I’ve had overseas. My very first one is a good friend of mine and he’s been on the show several times.  As 2016 approaches, I am already reaching out to authors overseas to see if they’ll be interested.  There should be no boundary for Christian authors to reach an audience around the world.



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