Looking Back — Seventeen Days of Write Memories

The best gifts are the ones you don’t always see until you look back on them. During the next twenty two days before Christmas, I’m going to look back on the Write Stuff and share some insights I’ve learned over the years. Primarily, I’ll be highlighting some shows but other little tidbits too. This isn’t to say some shows were better than others. Quite the contrary. I’ve loved all my shows the Lord’s blessed me with hosting. But the gift of it is looking back and seeing how far I’ve come.


2 lane highway illustration that can be used in signs or logos.

2 lane highway illustration that can be used in signs or logos.

Popular people tend to talk about things people want to talk about. Every so often they deviate and switch it up some but for the most part, to stay in a safe area, they keep to topics that won’t rock the boat.

Yet, about the time I got to this show, I realized some of my listeners had dropped away. It was depressing but it showed me my show was becoming a ministry and not everyone is up for that. Plus, it was this show where I made a commitment to be an avenue for those who did not have a voice or could not have a voice…the abused.

On The Secret Everyone Knows,  I was floored by the number of people relating to sexual abuse they had experienced. Men and women chimed in from all walks of life discussing how the abuse affected their lives in some way. Others could not forgive their abusers and other found comfort in God. It’s an uncomfortable topic to discuss but I wondered how many people were helped by these ninety minutes, where, among the midst of anonymity, they could hear a story similar to theirs . To this day, I make a commitment to NEVER stop being quiet about child sexual abuse. It also turned out to be one of my longest shows just from the response we received.

Yvette Allen TatumRev. Tatum really helped to educate us about what child sexual abuse was. She was a victim of it as well as an advocate. Her transparency about this topic was a help to many others. Oh, and she’ll be back because I refuse to shut up.  And if my show can help one child, or one person, from abuse, or heal from it, then I will trudge down the road less traveled and come out on the other side all the better for it.


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