Looking Back — Eighteen Days of Write Memories

The best gifts are the ones you don’t always see until you look back on them. During the next twenty two days before Christmas, I’m going to look back on the Write Stuff and share some insights I’ve learned over the years. Primarily, I’ll be highlighting some shows but other little tidbits too. This isn’t to say some shows were better than others. Quite the contrary. I’ve loved all my shows the Lord’s blessed me with hosting. But the gift of it is looking back and seeing how far I’ve come.


confusedThe drama behind this show is intense. It was probably one of the first major screw-ups I’d done when it came to scheduling and making sure one’s P’s & Q’s are taken care of. In this case I hadn’t. The week before, I spoke with my guest’s media rep and had recorded a mini-interview to be played. But not being on point, I forgot to upload it and during the show, it never came up. The media rep was concerned. So then  had to call the guest that I had slotted for the next week and beg, plead and cry that she postpone her interview for another day. She had no problem with that.

Thinking on the topic for this show, I looked for an appropriate picture to caption the show with. I found it and used it in my blog posts. About two months later, I got a strange email with a woman calling for my blood for using her picture.  This was my fiery baptism in looking for images on the Net. I quickly apologized and she threatened me some more about legal actions but I never heard from her again.  However, to this day, I can’t help but think if you didn’t want anyone to use the picture, why did you put it on the Net?  O_o.

New Picture (4)Daddy(less) Little Girls touched on a sensitive topic about fatherhood and the place of fathers in a little girl’s life. I want to thank Lynn Bruce for sharing her story. Check her out and show some love!





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