Looking Back — Twenty Days of Write Memories

The best gifts are the ones you don’t always see until you look back on them. During the next twenty two days before Christmas, I’m going to look back on the Write Stuff and share some insights I’ve learned over the years. Primarily, I’ll be highlighting some shows but other little tidbits too. This isn’t to say some shows were better than others. Quite the contrary. I’ve loved all my shows the Lord’s blessed me with hosting. But the gift of it is looking back and seeing how far I’ve come.


roadrunnerI get excited way too easily. I cry just as easily too.  I’m easily amused by slap stick comedy or a lame joke. I’ve used the word ‘easily’ too many times.

At any rate, when I do get excited about a topic, I tend to talk fast. Outside the show, I talk fast anyway but nowadays I try to take my time and speak. Sometimes it works, sometimes the guest says, “What did you say?” I hope I’ve learned to slow down over time.


On my show about God’s Stepchildren, I know I talked a mile a minute. I’m not an alien proponent but I am a Trekkie so the possibility of ET doesn’t bother me. But this the stuff of spec fiction writers! There are a few times, if you get a chance to listen to it, that you’ll hear be flipping over my words and at times just plain incoherent.  But bear with me, I learn over time!

09cc0c6772a6fc440b1513aa69232250Roystunn Pruitt was my guest this day.  He’s gifted and a wonderful friend. Check out his book and show my friend some love!



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