Ooops! Last Night’s Write Stuff Broadcast of Godly Women and Mental Illness

This topic is one very near and dear to my heart.  and I received a lot of feedback from those who were interested in the show.

Last evening, I rebroadcast the wrong show regarding this very important topic and I wanted to give you the opportunity to hear the correct one. So sorry for the mistake. Please click on the link here the interview in depth.


51wuHcGWNuL._UX250_This ministry was born out of the extreme trials in my life. Struggling with mental and emotional illness, even as a born-again Christian, was not taken with much grace in the body of Christ at that time. I didn’t understand things like “give it to God.” Thoughts of suicide were frequent, and I could not trust myself any more. Some of my Christian friends could not understand why I found the need to go into the hospital to work out my problems. Some told me I didn’t have enough faith. Some told me to pray more, and read my Bible more. Some told me, “Just give it to God.” I confess that I did not know what that meant. I didn’t know how to give anything to God. I wanted to know how to take every thought captive, just as it says in the Bible. There was no one who could teach me how to do these things? Intellectually I read the words in the Bible, but practically, I could not understand these things.

Fear, depression, anxiety and doubt seemed more powerful than the God in the Bible did. People prayed for me and laid hands on me to deliver me from the grip of Satan. Nothing changed. Nothing helped. That was all of God’s plan though. He led me to that point to show me that He was going to be my Teacher and my Healer. He had to show me that no human on earth can do what He can do.

He led me through suicide attempts, psychiatric hospitals, and eventually the state mental hospital. Because of His great love for me He wanted to isolate me unto Himself. It was a very personal time as the Lord God Almighty delivered me from mental and emotional illness, alcohol and drug abuse, and freed me, once and for all, from a past of physical, sexual and emotional abuse since the age of 4. He gave me The Woman at the Well…today Bible Study (formerly Women at the Well Bible Study) to teach to woman who feel hopeless, mentally and emotionally spent, and who feel unloved. Maybe you’re just stuck in your personal relationship with Christ and don’t know what the problem is.

The WAW study is a different kind of Bible study. No matter what our issues in life may be, the Word of God forces us to make a decision of surrender or rejection. That’s why the study is so effective. It’s embarrassing personal and intimate. Each week builds upon the previous week. To miss one week makes a noticeable mark. It is an intense in-depth, verse by verse study of the Samaritan woman in John, chapter 4. It then goes into the heart of the study, using the biblical principles in Philippians, chapter 4, verses 6-9. It takes 4 weeks just to get through these 6 verses. In Philippians the teaching is word by word, truly dissecting what the Lord is teaching us. The study ends back at the woman at the well.

It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord put this study together. There are lots of Scriptures and the “heart-work” can be downright painful. God pulls no punches when He digs deep to take out the festering boils in our soul. The study is not easy, as it takes you to a crossroads where you must decide if you are going to surrender all to God, no matter the cost or pain, or are you going to turn around and go back, or…stay stuck where you are. There is the point in the study that everyone MUST decide which way they will go.

The Woman at the Well…today Bible Study is not for everyone. Everyone is not ready to surrender all to God. Are you ready to surrender all?

Parker J.


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