Tonight on the Write Stuff — The 30 Day Novel with Pamela Osborne

Have you ever wanted to write a novel but you felt you didn’t have time? You work, you have family responsibilities, and your time seems to be eaten up by everything you have to do in a day and then rinse and repeat.

I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN write a novel in 30 days! Yes you can! And today we’ll be talking to an accomplished write who wrote her novel in thirty days based on a workshop I did earlier this year.

You’ll get encouragement, tools, techiques, and resources to help you finish your goal of getting that novel out there. That way, you have no excuse. You can do it.

Join me as I chat with Pam Osborne tonight on the show. You can call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. You can click on the link here: Or, you can download the WLUV Radio mobile app. Tune in!

About the Book

51NQ1iasPNL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_Pamela Osborne’s most recent book: “Dear Lady Leonora: What Should I Do with My Lemon?” is a novel that was written in less than 30 days! It is about an advice columnist who becomes challenged with following her own advice as she ponders the risks of dating her boss. Her family, friends and foe turn to Lady Leonora for advice to get out of trouble, which makes this comedy/drama page/turning exciting. A bonus inspirational section is provided with Q & A of more of Lady Leonora’s Lessons on Life, Living and Love. It asks and answers common relationship challenges that we all have from time to time. This is a great gift to give to yourself and others, as it opens up dialogue on issues we don’t usually talk about.

But that’s not all “Dear Lady Leonora: What Should I Do with My Lemon?” offers. It is a prequel to a screenplay! It sets the stage for Lady Leonora and Gentleman Geffrey to be future love interests. Ever wonder why people behave a certain way? Knowing how they were before they met provides insightful clues. See if you can guess what they are? When Lady Leonora’s Living Room, the sitcom, is produced, you will be way ahead of others on “how did this happen?”

About the Author

Pamela Osborne (3)Attorney Pamela Osborne, through Pavers Publishing®, LLC, provides wholesome media entertainment as the author of over six books and screenplays. She brings a wealth of knowledge as a preacher’s wife, attorney and former social worker. She has authored:

  1. Peace of Mind in 60 Seconds or Less
  2. Symbols and Scriptures of the Christian Faith
  3. 21 Days of Love; (A daily workbook on love)
  4. The Truth Shall Make You Free Devotional
  5. Too Rich to Love (A Romantic Comedy Novel)

Osborne’s mission includes helping others to achieve more efficient and healthy home management skills. She believes there are great mutual benefits between the generations when we work together to help the young adults with home economic needs and the senior citizen with home care needs. Look for her future website, “” that expands on this topic. Until then, you can reach her by email at:  All of her books are in paperback and e-book format which can be found on


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