She Saw the Best in Me

There’s a very popular song by Marvin Sapp and his crew entitled, ‘The Best in Me‘. A wonderful gospel song, it takes you through the ends and outs of understanding that first God sees the best in us when others around us see only the worst.  In His infinite grace and wisdom, when He created me, He saw the best that I could be. On more than one occasion, I’ve looked into the mirror and have been disgusted by either what I see, something I did wrong, or said wrong, or thought wrong and gone “Ugh.”

Yet, God continues to see the best in me and works through my life to bring about the best in His will for me.

In this age of self-publishing and indie authors and independent movers and shakers, I have to take time out to share an interview of a woman who saw the best in me before I saw it myself. As a hybrid author (both indie and trad) I need help navigating my career. And quite frankly, she’s one of the co-captains of the Parker J Cole ship.

When I first met her two years ago, I was a person who just wanted to get my book published. Now, I find myself expanding past that simple dream to being a radio host, conference emcee, workshop presenter, and who knows what else? My agent Vanessa Grossett is the person who saw the best in me and continues to do so. As I think about all I’ve been through because of her guidance and help, prayers and heartfelt advice, I just start to cry.

I’ve linked her interview here so you can learn more about my agent and know I owe a great deal to her. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Vanessa.


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