Write Stuff Author Spotlight Author Interview — Empty Womb, Empty Tomb by Quiana E. Johnson

Empty Womb, Empty Tomb: How Tragedy Birthed Triumph

Quiana E. Johnson

ISBN: 978-1-63192-574-0

Book Synopsis:

Empty Womb, Empty Tomb is a thought provoking memoir recapping the dramatic events surrounding the premature birth and death of Quiana’s baby boy, Nehemiah Johnson, and the restoring work of the Holy Spirit in the aftermath. March 10, 2014 was undeniably marked as one of the most life altering days of her life as her and her husband delivered their firstborn child at home in the bathroom, only to bury him five days later. Through this tragedy, Quiana learned many truths that allowed her to overcome her trauma and receive one of the most riveting revelations of her life. Empty Womb, Empty Tomb provokes every emotion imaginable as the reader tags along as one woman finds hope and wholeness through venturing to an empty tomb once occupied by Jesus Christ.

 Why did you write this book/What was the inspiration behind this book?

I wrote this book to recap the events surrounding my prenatal lost. I was pregnant for 20 weeks with my son, Nehemiah, and unfortunately delivered him at home on March 10, 2014. The grief I experienced after watching him die in my arms, burying him 5 days later, having to cope with life without him, and experiencing God as the Diving Healer and Heart Mender inspired me to write this book. God revealed His Comfort to me through visions and divine revelations about this tragedy that led me to want to share this revolutionary information with other women who have experienced this type of trauma. God has also brought depth to my calling to women that simply added a new dimension within me. This book is not simply a book to read and gain hope and healing but it has caused me to establish an outreach to hurting women by providing online biblical counseling as well as conducting Empty Womb, Empty Tomb conferences where I can personally touch and minister to women in small and large group sessions.

What makes this book different from other books?

The mere fact that there is no one that ever existed like me, makes anything I do unique. There are plenty of books on the market that discusses grief, prenatal trauma, and the like; however, my book is unique because it is simply my story and it cannot be duplicated. I speak freely in the book and I open up my personal life recapping what happened and how it impacted me and my family as well as God’s personal intervention with me. It also grants empirical and divine wisdom from God specifically about this issue and how to combat and overcome this tragedy. God’s Word says that He is the Revealer of Secrets and the Repairer of the Breach so what God has given me in the hardest time of my life is a secret to overcoming and how He has repaired my heart which was totally broken.

What’s the hardest part about being an author?

The hardest part about being an author is actually finding the time to write the story down. Many times we have in mind what we want to say and how we want the book to be written but in order for a person to write an excellent book, they must give it excellent time. This means you have to make space in your busy life to devote to the project. In God, when a person is led to write the book, they must do it in the dispensation of time that God has called that person to write. In that dispensation, there is a flow of thoughts of the Holy Spirit which is the Excellence that helps you write. If we keep allowing life to be our distraction, we will miss out on that flow. For instance, as I complete this interview, I sense a flow of the Holy Spirit.  Time is of the essence to create excellence.

What do you love most about being an author?

What I love most about being an author is that you get to be as creative as you want and write about whatever you desire to write about. A book is an art form and it is the expression of a person. I plan to write many books and fulfill a prophetic Word that was spoken to me 10 years ago by the Pastors I sat under. Prior to that time, I never thought to write. Matter of fact, I was terrible at grammar in school but somehow when I made it to college, I had perfected my writing but I still did not have an interest in writing. It was not until God led me to write this book and in the midst of writing this book, I saw 4 other books being released in my future. I now love to write because I have also discovered that all I have to do is write the book. There are people who are called as Editors, Graphic Designers, and Publishers. So, I do not need to figure that out. I just need to express myself and write.

Who is your favorite author/what is your favorite book and why?

I have three favorite authors. The first is of course, God. Two additional authors I favorite are Beth Moore and Joyce Meyers. I have no favorite book because I love many books. I have three tall bookshelves that are full of books and I am still ordering Christian books from Amazon. Reading has become my hobby and I love these specific authors because they write about everyday Christian life. God expressed Himself through man but He used so many different writers who exhibited various styles of writing from prophecy, to history, to poetry. Beth Moore and Joyce Meyers has helped me learn how to navigate this life because their books delve deeper into life topics that we all need answers to.

What advice would you give aspiring authors?

The advice I would give aspiring authors would be for them to be totally honest about what they want to write about and to not allow the blessing of selling books be their only motivation. You should first love to write and then find an audience to write to whether women, men, or children or a specific genre or type of books, whether fiction or non-fiction, fantasy, romance, or religious. Then you should determine if your heart’s desire is to be picked up officially by a credible publisher or self-publish your books. You should also set aside some money to invest in the project and then set aside some excellent time to produce an excellent project.

What question or comment are you asked most frequently about your book?

The comment that I am frequently given about my book from women who mostly read Empty Womb, Empty Tomb, is “I cannot believe that you went through this. You are a strong woman of God and your faith is deep.” I am encouraged to know that God is getting the glory out of this situation. I consider this book to be my son’s legacy.

  1. Do you blog? What’s your blog site address? What do you blog about?

I do not currently blog but I keep getting messages via Facebook messenger and emails from people who follow me that I should blog. Throughout my pregnancy with Nehemiah, I wrote Pregnancy Chronicles that created so much buzz surrounding my pregnancy. Since I am a very transparent person, I shared them on Facebook daily. Many of them were hilarious moments of pregnancy and others were things I felt on a daily basis and information about obstetrician care. They followed me through the entire tragedy and to the triumph. With my last pregnancy from August 2014 to January 2015 with my newborn son, Branden Christopher, I wrote Pregnancy Chronicles again and is currently updating people on his journey in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which lasted 45 days and on the funny moments of his current life at home. People are now asking me for a second book which I am currently writing titled Womb Occupied: The Promise that Refuses to Die, which is the continuation from Empty Womb, Empty Tomb. It includes my Pregnancy Chronicles and the behind the scenes stuff that nobody knows about. I just may in the future become a Blogger. Everybody loves a good story and I don’t mind sharing mines.


  1. What events/book plans do you have coming up?

Again, I am currently writing Womb Occupied: The Promise that Refuses to Die, which is totally about my third pregnancy and early 28 week delivery of my son Branden Christopher, his fight in the NICU, and his current victories and funny moments at home. It is the continuation of my last book. I plan to release this book on Branden’s 1st birthday which is January 27, 2016.

  1. How can readers contact you?

Please complete the above questions, save file as Your Name Blog Tour (example April Minger Blog Tour) and return to pharperjohnson@gmail.com


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