Chronicles of Chadwick — Chapter Six

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Y’manya glanced around the small tavern, searching for Sir Chadwick. She would have called out his name but he couldn’t talk yet. What a nuisance! Why couldn’t he have a normal spell that would actually useful? King Midas has a useful spell. Medusa had a useful spell. Granted neither of them ended happy didn’t even well but at least the curses had some sort of effectiveness.

She studied the tavern with keen eyes once more. This was just the kind of place Bea would haunt for her victims. The gnome never missed an opportunity to—

A dwarf across the room caught her attention but even moreso was the cutest, bouncy, disgusting, little gnome sitting next to him. For a moment Y’manya froze. Then she ran and flipped over the two tables, her lithe figure arched over like the bowstring. An exclamation sounded throughout due to her acrobatics. She landed on both feet in front of the table where the dwarf and gnome sat.

“Bea Boltright,” Y’manya hissed out between her teeth. Red flooded her vison once more as a surge of memories crashed against the interior of her skull.

“Princess Y’manya!” Bea gasped, rising up from her chair. The gnome barely came to her waist. How could such a tiny thing wreak so much havoc on one person’s life, all in the name of greed? She wasted most of her life as a dragon guardian because of this speck.

“Long time no see.” Without warning, she lunged across the table and gripped the gnome’s hair. “I was just waiting for an opportunity to—“

“Chaddie my laddie! Help! The princess is still bewitched!” Bea cried out as she tried to tug out of her grip.

Y’manya’s brow furrowed. “Bewitched. By green stones what you talking about? I’m not the one who—“

A large hand chopped down on her wrist and broke her hold. Y’manya whirled around. “How dare you?”

Chadwick shook his head and mouth the word no.

“Stay out of this, mute knight.”

“Chaddie, see how angry she is! It’s the spell. Quick, take the necklace from her.”

Y’manya’s hand fluttered to her neck, the ornament a familiar weight. So she did know about the necklace. Fear slithered down her spine. No  one must have it. No one. She fight anyone before they took this from her.

The dwarf, who had been idling watching the scene unfold sat up straight. A calculating gleam entered his eyes. “Bea, you sly fox.” He gave a belly of a laugh then. “Rheban is going to come after you very soon.”

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