Tonight on the Write Stuff…Godly Women and Mental Illness

Mental illness and Christianity have been at odds with each other for a number of years. For a long while, it was thought that any sign mental illness or cognitive impairment was a result of demonic possession. Later, those who suffered from these disorders were locked up in an institution away from the embarrassment of the family. Further still, as our medical knowledge grew, our diagnostic abilities have expanded our understanding of how the mind works. And yet, even today, the topic of mental illness is still a taboo subject.

For Christians who suffer from some type of mental illness or disorder, it may hit a double impact. For the godly woman who is torn between her faith and her health problem, she may be having a hard time with reconciling the condition of her soul with the condition of her mental health.

Do godly women and mental illness go hand in hand? Are they compatible with each other? Can a woman of faith still suffer from bipolar depression or anxiety attacks? Is her faith dependent on her mental state?

We’ll be talking about this and more with our guest Barbara Rupp, author of The Woman at the Well Bible Study guide. You can call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download the WLUV radio mobile app. Or click on the link here: Tune in!

51wuHcGWNuL._UX250_Barbara Tennell Rupp teaches women who suffer with mental and emotional problems how to transform their negative thoughts, so they can make positive choices, have meaningful relationships, and experience inner peace, regardless of their circumstances.

Barbara was born in San Antonio, Texas, grew up in the Bay Area in Northern California. As a child, she enjoyed the freedom of expression her ballet and tap lessons, drawing, coloring, and daydreaming offered. As a teen, she spent many happy hours creating dress patterns, designing, and making her own clothes, winning Outstanding Designer from San Francisco School of Fashion Design. She also won the coveted title of Miss Bronze Northern California, and Miss Bronze California. Barbara founded Women at the Well Ministries in 1995, encouraging and teaching women how to be overcomers practically, while struggling with mental and emotional problems. She has served in women’s ministry in many capacities, including writing and teaching women’s Bible studies, opening her home to homeless women and children, volunteering at a girl’s home (who were wards of the state), crisis pregnancy centers, crisis intervention hotline, battered women’s shelters, rape crisis hotline and advocate, and holding Bible studies at different shelters

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