Tonight on the Write Stuff — Girl Power with Brittany Bates

There’s nothing quite like hating yourself. When every time you look in the mirror, you hate the face that stares back at you.

Or, what about standing next to the ‘pretty’ girl with all the looks, glamour, popularity, and everything else that we want while we’re in the background of her light?

I’ve been in this position more than once throughout my childhood. The fat girl next to my skinny friends, the ugly one who has to be funny by poking jokes at myself. I’ve been there and so have many other women.

It doesn’t help that the media defines beauty a certain way and Photoshop’s the covers of magazine, music videos, and other medium to project an image of perfection no one can attain and yet, we constantly try.

Join me on this episode of Write Stuff as I chat with author Brittany Bates with her devotional Encouragement by B. She leads us through 31 days of healing, encouragement, and restoration and gives us what ‘Girl Power’ really means.

You can call in at 646-595-2083, press 1. Or, you can download the WLUV radio mobile app today. Tune in!

britt pics 0412 314In a society where women are easily influence by the media, there is one woman who is dedicated to rising above the rest with a message of encouragement for all ages. Author Brittany Bates is committed to helping women realize their worth and the power of knowing who they are in Christ. Through her writings and speaking engagements, the budding author desires to encourage women to know the true essence of love through God and the ability of loving themselves. Set free from low self esteem, Brittany understands and knows first hand the impact the Word of God and a true relationship with him can have upon ones life. As graduate of Our Lady of Lake College and licensed nurse, Brittany possesses a passion for the well-being of others and their overall health. Residing in Toledo, Ohio, known to family and friends as “The Encourager” , Brittany is the proud wife of Emil and mother to La’Toria, who believes in the power of healing. Through “Encouragements With B”, The “Encourager” takes readers on a 31-day journey of encouragement, healing and restoration.

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