Tonight on the Write Stuff — Good Girls, Bad Boys, and Everyone in Between with Amanda Lynch

On this episode of the Write Stuff, we going to be talking about characters. And not just heroes and villans but the good girls and the bad boys and everyone in between.

Wouldn’t you say that some of the most boring stories are the ones where the character makes all the right decisions? Isn’t it the fact that bad decisions make very good stories? Who hasn’t been on the edge of their seat as they watch the drama unfold in a family saga, or the commander gives the wrong direction and suffers loss. We have this need almost of watching a downward spiral of events and be fascinated by it.

That’s why some writers put their characters through the wringer. Our guest co-host today is no different. Amanda Lynch, author of Anabel Unraveled, Anabel Divided and Megan: Defined will be joiniing us today to help us unpack the topic of flawed characters and how they make the story more richer in detail.

You can call in at 646-595-2083, press 1. Or , you can download the WLUV radio mobile app. Any way you can, join us.

Amanda LynchAmanda Romine Lynch is a writer, editor, and blogger who grew up in Florida knowing she belonged somewhere else. She now lives in the DC Metro Area with her husband and three amazing little boys. She is the Eco-Friendly/Green Living Contributor over at the Prime Parents’ Club and strives to live earth friendly in a world of disposable diapers. When not writing about Anabel and Jared or chasing around a curly-haired boy, she cheers for the Gators (in all kinds of weather) and occasionally remembers to sleep.

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