Write Stuff Radio 24hr Writing Challenge

Tonight on the Write Stuff, we challenged our authors to write a short, Christian or clean, with ideas submitted by our listeners and commentators. We received several challenges and they are listed below. By tomorrow night, December 10th at 9PM, the short story should be submitted to me at the email address of writestuffradio@gmail.com

Winners receive the opportunity to be featured in a mini-interview on the show as well as posted on the blog!

So writers, show off your talents!

First challenge: Write fondest school memory…first thing that stands out when they think of high school.

Second challenge: Can anyone make up a fiction story that deals with all the racism with the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases?

Third challenge: Write a short story about a young child who is about to become a big brother or sister

Fourth challenge: Hey, what if there are monsters under your bed?

Fifth Challenge: A love story about a man and women who are both blind that find each other

Sixth Challenge: What is there was a world that had different highways to led other world. If you take the wrong highway, you’d have to wait ten years to come back. Would the person start a new life or wait the ten years to go back?

Seventh Challenge: I like fuzzy warm animal stories!


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