How Dark is Dark?

I mentioned this before but the Write Stuff is an avenue for the low totem pole authors of the Christian fiction genre — speculative fiction. The kind of Christian fiction where author use werewolves, vampires, fairies, time travel, multiple universes, string theory, and other ‘taboo’ items among mainstream Christianity to bring about either a gospel message or theme or to tell a good story.

Speculative fiction asks the ‘what if’ questions, the kind that teases our minds with all sort of probabilities and perhaps more questions. Sometimes, the themes discussed this sort of fiction travels down a dark road…a tunnel even.

On today’s show, we are going to talk author Mark Carver as he discusses his series about a world so dark, it seems impossible to even have a pinprick of light in it. The topic is sensitive enough that some Christians may be abhorred by it but I would ask the question — is there anything so dark that God’s light cannot penetrate it?

Join me by calling in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or you can download the WLUV radio mobile app today. Any way you can, join us


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