Guest Contributor and Co-host — Donovan Neal — September 23rd

10570339_10152574252203826_8277319287401459256_nDonovan Neal M.S.N.P. is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and has a Masters of Science in Nonprofit management from Walden University. He has functioned in the ordained ministry for over 20 years, and has served in such functions as Dean and as an instructor in his churches School of Ministry, teaching on a host of subjects ranging from Apologetics, to Leading Different Personalities. Donovan is a prolific songwriter and singer having written over 50 different songs of praise and worship for the local church, and has performed in various schools and churches in the Ministry of Christian rap. Donovan’s heart for ministry has carried over into his secular pursuits and he has worked with countless abused and neglected children, adults with developmental disabilities, and women who have been victimized by domestic and sexual abuse. He currently teaches as an adjunct professor at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor Michigan. Donovan has three saved children Candace, Christopher and Alexander: each is involved in ministry. They currently reside in Michigan.


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