Guest Co-host and Contributor — Lisa Grace — August 5th

backcover.jpg 042I enjoy boating and rehabbing wildlife. I’ve been known to stop traffic to rescue gopher tortoises. During mating season I carry a big box in the back of my van so I can transport the giant critters to a local wildlife refuge without having them peeing on the car mats.
I’ve raised wild woodpeckers and know their calls. They come back to visit once I’ve set them free.
I’ve kissed a twelve foot python on the lips.
I have a family of screech owls that do not screech, but trill, and gently serenade me in the dark while they stand in a line atop the back fence of my home.
I currently live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, where curious manatees and dolphins peer at my family and me from the tea colored (stained by the tannin of the mangrove nurseries) water.
I enjoy paddle boating with my daughter and my dream now is to add a paddle board to my water toys collection. I love to be outdoors, but am not a fan of the sun and what it can do to my middle aged skin. SPF 70 is my new best friend.
My gift to all is a copy of  Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 a teen supernatural thriller, which is now free at all major ebook stores

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