The Fourth Dimension

One of the most fascinating things I have come to appreciate is mankind’s propensity to probe. To dig. To ask questions of ourselves and our world. This hunger for knowledge is what keeps us striving to improve our understanding.

Earlier scientists had religious backgrounds. As they began to study the world around them, it must have been wondrous to see God’s handiwork and know this is how God did it. 

It is a great privilege to ask, to hypothesize.

Today, we will be discussing the Fourth Dimension and how it relates to the origins of the world and the universe. In a way, we can peel back the veil and see the fingerprint of God. This may sound like heavy stuff but thankfully, you don’t have to be a scientist to understand it.

With me to discuss this is radio host and author, Josh Peck.

You can call in at 646-595-2083, and press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download the WLUV radio mobile app today. Any way you can, join us.


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