Guest Co-Host and Contributer — Nancy LaRonda Johnson — June 17th

Profilepic (1)Nancy LaRonda Johnson has written short stories, poetry and personal journals most of her life. She received her first writing award in elementary school for a psychological thriller short story. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and a law degree.
A probation officer by day, she strives during her off-hours to write interesting characters who make it through trying times. What thrills her most is writing books and stories that give eye-opening takes on controversial topics.
Her first book, the literary Christian speculative novel Anticipation of the Penitent, about a serial killer and his mother, reached the finals in the San Francisco Writer’s Conference 2012 Indie Publishing Contest.Salted With Fire, a book of short stories and poetry, is her second publication. Her current projects include: the controversial continuation of Anticipation of the Penitent, titled Anticipating Dawn, a Christian sci-fi novella so far called Stranded, and The Witch of Endor, a fictional account of a Biblical story.

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