Christian Horror

The very sound of it is an oxymoron. Who in the world has heard of Christian horror? What in the world does that mean? Is it a bunch of Christians chopping off heads in the name of the Lord? Furthermore, why would anyone want to associate themselves with horror?

The horror genre, in and of itself, is interesting. For one thing, horror encompasses a wide range of dark, negative situations and emotions. It speaks to the hidden aspects of the human heart, and fillets open the human condition. For those of us who think that humans are ultimately good, horror tends to show the exact opposite…that all signs of goodness are mere pretensions. Horror postulates at the core of our being, is a fragile, terrified, sadistic, and selfish individual.

That hidden person exists inside us all.

You may still be wondering what does that have to do with anything? And what in the world is Christian horror?

Join me as I discuss this issue with Nancy LaRonda Johnson. You can call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download the WLUV radio mobile app today. Or, you can click on the link here:  Any way you can, join us.



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