Empowered for Living

Often, we may go through life thinking that we are powerless. That life is an endeavor to trudge through. If bad things happen to us, we may be overwhelmed by them. If a plan doesn’t come to fruition, we may feel as if we have failed. If a loved one leaves or mocks us, we may feel lonely.

These emotions and hardships may have us feeling dejected, rejected, and dissected. Our souls flayed open for the world to see.

The thing to remember is that we are empowered for living through the grace of God. It is He that gives us the ability, the stamina to endure life’s many obstacles, twists, and turns. No matter what happens, in Christ, we are more than conquerors.

Join me as I chat with Tumika Cain, author, publisher, speaker, and radio host as she gives us the nuggets of truth we need to know that we are empowered for living. You can call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or you can download the WLUV radio mobile app today. Any way you can, join us.


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