Resources mentioned from The Write Stuff show with Book Writing Magazine

  • Reviews
    • — this are paid reviews. They are not guaranteed to be positive. However, if it is negative review, you can keep it confidential to yourself.
  • Creating Visuals
  • Press Releases
    • (there is a free option)
    • (all paid)
  • Hidden Gems
    • (creating a list works really well for non-fiction authors)
    • (you can use this website to create a slide show for your work. Works well with non-fiction titles)
  • Create your Own Website
    • and (there is a difference between the two)
  • Printed Items
    • Business cards & t-shirts
  • Book Trailers (Book trailers, in my opinion, can help to drive traffic but I am still skeptical as to how useful it is for sales.)
  • Outsource Your Marketing
    • Piece-by-piece
    • Entirety (available, no specific resource provided)
  • Social Media
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Linked-In (Generally speaking, if your target market is male, you may have more success connecting with a male audience here.)
    • Google+
    • YouTube (A lot of young readers hang out here if that is your target audience)

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