Guest Co-host and Contributor — Abby Kelly — April 8th

b04a7e51d40070110960474671cea686Abby Kelly is an author and blogger on the topic of eating disorder awareness,prevention and treatment. Following a fifteen year battle with anorexia, including threeinpatient stays and years’ worth of outpatient counselling, she finally found freedom fromher eating disorder by the grace of Jesus Christ.

Abby’s personal experience hasopened the door for her to begin outreach to others struggling with eating disorders.She began her blog, Predatory-Lies, in 2008 and has a strong following. Abby works on the topic of eating disorders has been published on Haven Journal, She Loves Magazine, Start Marriage Right and Believer Life. She is the managing editor of, as well as a contributor to FINDINGbalance’s blog.

Abby enjoys reading nonfiction and has been selected to provide advance book reviews for Waterbrook Multnomah Press, and Moody Publishers. She is an active member of the

FaithWriter’s community, and was selected writer of the month earlier this year.

She has led numerous Bible studies at local churches, through Protestant Women of the Chapel and currently through an online program called Good Morning Girls.

Abby is married to an officer in the US Army, so her writing is seasoned by frequent change.

Where ever she goes, she immediately gets involved in the community. Recently, she and her dog Brave were certified as a therapy team through Pet Partners. They enjoy visiting patients in hospitals and nursing homes as well as helping children practice reading both at school and in local libraries.


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